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5 Ways to Make a Shitty Day Better

We all have those days. The ones where you keep looking at the clock hoping that by some miracle, the hours have gone by since you last checked.Sometimes, a random Pin, post on Facebook, or tweet, saying “It gets better!”can be the thing you need to get through the day. 1,339 more words

On The Homestead

Failing VS. being a failure

After my first go around with etsy, life decided to give me everything at once. I found out i was pregnant with our second child. I had ended up injuring my wrist, to the point where i had to quite beading for a few months. 341 more words

Old Friend

It is Happening : – I have felt this ┬ácoming on

All of Me now has stepped off the shore

into the real thing …..my ears …no, all of my head… 48 more words


My 2016 Summer Song

Every year during the summer, I choose a song that reflects how I am feeling or what I am going through up to that point. This year I chose the song “The Sun is Shining” because of the lyrics. 130 more words

Social Media For The Anxious & New, part 1

Good morning. Welcome back to the blog. (I’m saying that as much for myself as for you)

As promised on Twitter, today we start a new series: Social Media for the Anxious & New, where we’re going to talk about how authors can use social media in productive proactive ways without sinking hours they may or may not have into it. 787 more words

Living The Dream

I Think I Can? - Wise Words Wednesday

I Think I Can? – Wise Words Wednesday

Today is August 10th. May 28th I injured my shoulder in a spectacular feet of parenting. I lifted my 3 year-old up to dunk on a 7 foot rim (like the big boys) and felt something pop in my shoulder. 813 more words


Breaking Free

So it has been a long week. I haven’t wrote since last Tuesday! Last week I spoke of things that happened that I didn’t want to talk about yet. 732 more words

Be Present