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A Post on Procrastination

Are you one to procrastinate?

While I myself don’t have this problem, I know that many people out there do. It is something that an individual can struggle with for their entire lives, always dealing with the bad habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should be done today. 117 more words


Insomnia And Nightmares

I don’t know what it is but lately, I have either been having Insomnia or nightmares. Either I sleep for maybe two hours then I am awake again unable to sleep, or I have horrible nightmares/Dreaming of a different life. 297 more words

Chronic Illness

Signs & Hopes

The night sky mixed in a hue of purple and black,

Filled with with shiny twinkling lights.

I stare at the sky, searching for a sign. 232 more words


You'll Get Through It

So you know what I’m thinking, even before the Earth was completely created, before we existed, Allah was writing our stories. Allah knew you could handle the chaos that yesterday threw at you and the struggles that will come today. 212 more words



My life has been touched by cancer.

Not me, personally. No one in my immediate family. Thank goodness.

A dear friend came over earlier today to announce that he has been undergoing some tests, especially after a recent trip to the emergency room, and the tests did not come back clear. 498 more words


how to motivate yourself

 Easy Yet Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

  1. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself reaching your goals.
  2. Try something new today.
  3. Take a walk in a park, and let nature reset your mind.
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