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Better Garden Photos

You might be wanting to capture images of your beautiful garden or hoping to improve your photography skills.  Perhaps you simply want to prove that fairies really ARE real.   232 more words


An evening of advocacy and empowerment

Stomp Out Stigma
by Mary Helen Darah
PUBLICATION DATE: April 17, 2018

Six years ago, Sylvania Schools organized the Safety and Security Committee under the direction of Dr. 395 more words


Sticks & Stones

Hi, friends!

The past few months for me have been filled with some soul searching. I’ve been looking back at all the mountains and valleys that I’ve gone through and it’s led me to realize how my beliefs have grown and changed over the years. 558 more words

Keep Going

missing the train

Sometimes you miss an opportunity. You knew about it, you wanted it, but for some reason, you just didn’t take it. And what is the result? 195 more words


The One who owns victory. (Journal entry)

i hate my arthritis. all of it.

I’ll gladly tell you about my anxiety, my depression, my struggles with self image and fear. Those are all things people can relate to. 605 more words


You Can't Do This.

When we started vlogging about 8 months ago we had no idea just how much resistance we’d get. Mostly from people who are projecting their own insecurities and feelings on the matter: 1,404 more words


9 years

Nine years of friendship;

Nine years built on a house of cards;

Nine years I never thought would come crumbling in on me.

The years to come; 45 more words