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Embracing Minimalism: Realization, Part One

I’m writing this in my iPad, in my bed, after three weeks of personal growth and realizations. Ultimately I’ve matured a lot in this time and have come to believe I understand what I need to do in order to “live the good life.”   804 more words

You Can Do This

Focus T25 Gamma. Extreme Circuit.

Yup. My arms are still sore. Earlier today i was a bit worried if my sore arms would interfere with my Extreme Circuit exercise. Surprisingly.. It didn’t. 127 more words

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Focus T25 Gamma. Speed 3.0

I did it. I survived Speed 3.0 without stopping. Speed 3.0 is a burpee haven. I may be a weirdo but I love burpees and planks. 152 more words


I know.  It’s not always easy, but someone has to do it and you CANNOT count on others to love you for you!  YOU are the only person who can give yourself that sweet sweet SELF-love.   286 more words


DIY: 3 Valentine's Day Cheap and Easy Projects

I don’t know if you noticed, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! T and I don’t usually do anything spectacular (although one year he did buy me an incredible sapphire necklace that I forgot to wear on our wedding day), but this year we wanted to be a little fun. 548 more words

You Can Do This

The Prelim Diet part 2

Okay guys the second week is almost over, only a few days left to go.

Remember that when you you are revising take short breaks every 20 minutes. 97 more words

The Importance of a Cat's Routine

Most kitties are creatures of habits very simple to understand as an owner. The sooner you learn your cat’s routine, or establish one for your kitten, the happier both your lives will be. 499 more words

You Can Do This