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Thank youuuuu

You all are the best! I’m so grateful that all of you have like my stuff and inspire you! It means a lot to me! Thank youuuu


Post-Publishing Update

By the gods you are amazing.

I have been getting so many positive reactions, and it’s really touching to see you all respond so kindly. The support alone is reason enough for a second book (as if I wasn’t planning one already). 463 more words

Happy New Year! It's 2014!!

Happy new year to my WordPress fam, in all my fandoms and anyone who reads or follows my blog!! :)

Happy Friday!

Big Hearts to you guys!  Thanks for following us, it means a lot to us!



Thoughts of a Crazy Person

I just want to say thank you guys for listening. And I love you. I didn’t honestly think anyone would read, let alone enjoy, what I had to say on here. 15 more words