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Death Masks & Living With Your Own Mortality

I wish that there was a way for people to experience an eating disorder safely so they understood what it’s like living inside that mind. One of my best friends who goes by SiriCerasi online is blogging about eating disorders… 757 more words

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Brilliant words written by Katie Locke, for National Eating Disorders Awareness Month, February 2014. Be a friend. Tell a friend. Get help. Help a friend get help. <3 I share Katie's post in memory of two of my own beloved friends, Sarah and Tierney, gone too soon. <3 Thank you, Katie, for your bravery and honesty in sharing your story. I know it will help so many people! Take care of yourselves and take care of each other, Untitled

All Shapes, Sizes And Ages.

I was a child writer, once.

At eleven, after saving up money from odd jobs done for neighbors, I paid for and attended a children’s writing workshop. 382 more words


What Exactly Is A Meme, Anyway?

Good question.

I did some research and came across a site with a great explanation, and bursting with Memes:

The Daily Meme: What is a Meme? 206 more words


Happy Birthday, Anne Frank!

“Just imagine how forgetful I’ll be when I’m eighty!”

May 11th, 1944.

June 12th happens to be the eightieth birthday of one of the most well-known diarists in history: Anne Frank. 394 more words


I've Been Meme'd -- Finally!

Meme: Seven Degrees of Separation

Secretly, I’ve always wanted to get meme’d — or em-em’d, if you read it backwards. Like an underprivileged blogger watching everyone else make meme,  1,018 more words


The Comet Lulin.

Photograph courtesy AP Photo/The Fayetteville Observer, Johnny Horne. 


Who would want to miss a green comet that orbits clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, giving it the optical illusion of having its tail precede it? 235 more words