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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 (Hardhome)

Without trying to sound like too much of a cliche’ the best way to describe this episode is ‘Winter is here’. Episode 8 subverts our usual expectation that Episode 9 of each season is the explosive episode that keeps everyone on the edge of their seat. 1,481 more words


Story of a simpleton

This is story of a simpleton
there are some intended pun
so do not shun..
stand at ease but pay attention..

Once upon a time there lived a simpleton… 69 more words


TV Hotspot Feature-Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere in Five Points or Less

Hello again Game of Throners,

How did you all enjoy the premier? I restrained myself from watching the leaked episodes because I didn’t want to wait a month for the next one. 618 more words

TV Hotspot Features

Where the Heck is Barton? #4

After a few weeks of this meme, I guess this brings us to the serious question… where the heck is Barton? Here’s a shot from… 31 more words


Geeky Online Shop Haul

It feels bizarre using the word ‘haul’ in a post title because i never really call myself an avid shopper. But every now and then i have spurts of ‘ooh that’s nice’ and suddenly i have 6 packages waiting for me at home. 756 more words


You Know Nothing Jon Snow

Look carefully in the eyes of the paratrooper and then look into the eyes of Christopher =)

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Jon Snow