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I Know; A page from an anonymous diary.

There are no barriers remaining here now!

You say all men are the same, while you were the only who made me feel individuate. You always termed me as a gentleman, which in parts unknown emphasized the one in me. 518 more words


#Motivation from millionaires_motivation

You know, sometimes when you are in a tough time and you need to get through, you just need to say: fuck it. And then push through your hardest! 8 more words


You know...

That feeling you get..

You know what feeling I mean..

The one where your saliva starts to taste like shit because you just found out, saw, heard something you wish you hadn’t… 78 more words


You already know, what you want to know.


Let it be known that I...

bit my tongue and kept my sarcastic remarks to myself…
I don’t recommend it, but it was necessary.

#BlackLivesMatter: public.service.pizza

you know, I always wanted to move to America as soon as possible but now I’m just disgusted with how people are treated there. America isn’t the country where dreams come true anymore; to me, it’s a place where dreams vanish because of someones race or sexuality. 12 more words