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the uncloseable doors

In the old house
 nothing ran square.
 The foundations slipped slowly downhill
 like a giant had pinched one corner.

Rooms smelt of insect carcasses, cork floor and old sunshine. 196 more words

Feel Good Friday - Work For It

Do you believe you can be better? Do you believe you can achieve a healthier, happier you? Do you believe in YOURSELF? Because I’m here to tell you that you can, you will, and you SHOULD! 93 more words


Shine On.

You make a difference in this world – just by being you.💫 Related Post – Always looking up.


Not Just a Waiting Game-- looking beyond yourself

WHAT IF–  it’s not about you…

I’ve been talking about transitions– those frequently frightening, sometimes lengthy– periods of “between times” that alert us: one major season of life is ending and another is on its way.   519 more words

Walking With God


Self-worth is a tricky matter. In this materialistic reality where everything comes down to appearance and wealth, uncovering what’s underneath is no easy task.

We read about how this celebrity’s lips are worth this much, or how much another’s posterior is insured for. 335 more words


You Matter

Guys, I’m struggling a lot lately and I know a lot of other people who are, too. It just seems like so many of us can’t catch a break. 215 more words

When I realized I mattered!

Have you ever felt worthless or not good enough? And no matter what you do to change things or improve who you are those voices of family members or ex lovers or even current lover reminds you of your inability to be worthy. 947 more words