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you have a story

The world is composed of stories. Of living, breathing words with pasts and presents and futures. This truth contains so much beauty and in this simple acknowledgment so many opportunities are opened up. 181 more words


Now Is The Time

I couldn’t help but notice that she chose to position herself at the back of the line. The spotlight isn’t for her. And yet when she… 861 more words

Hey you, it's ok.

Warning lol my short may come off as a little dramatic but at the time it’s what was coming from my heart. And the best part is I have this open space to share it with. 393 more words


I'm Talking to You!

I’m not sure where I am going with this post – I just know it needs to be said. There are random times in my life where I just get this feeling or this sense, and today is one of those days. 280 more words


This is temporary, I'll be back

I just deleted my Facebook account for the umteenth time…

I have deactivated that account more times than I made MySpace pages, years ago. (That’s a fair comparison, yeah?) … 197 more words

New Bloggers


I didn’t get any time to write a story instead I wrote this post on a 2 hour ride back home.This is just something that I wanted to get out there. 858 more words