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What is Beauty? #SOL

I’m not even sure where I came across this video, but it’s something I’ve shown in class a couple of times and have my students write about.   538 more words

I Voted And Have The Sticker To Prove It

It was a rare rainy day here in Las Vegas, and I voted in a tiny trailer near my home. It felt good to have carefully considered the issues and vote, as best I can, according to my conscience. 7 more words


This is a motivational article that I have JUST typed up! I was just at a school assembly with a motivational speaker. I was inspired! And thus, this article was born! 300 more words


You do start to heal

When I wrote about a month back about the attack I went through over the issue of my hair and accusations of being gay (read all about it… 966 more words

You Matter

Drake Yancey

I just found out that a 15 year old, named Drake Yancey, killed himself. He went to the high school that I just graduated from. My best friend was actually his mentor last year. 429 more words


psych ward

Hello, friends.

I want to encourage you to text someone that you love and tell them just how special they are to you and exactly why. 369 more words


Ah, Marriage. Isn't it Wonderful?

Anniversaries come around once a year. What a perfect excuse to getaway with your spouse and breathe for a bit. What a sweet time to be able to see where you’ve been over the last year and to reminisce about life together since the beginning. 822 more words

For The Love Of Jesus