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Please Don't Give Up –– You Are So Needed And Loved

I know you’re in the dark, desperately searching for light.

You don’t exactly know how, when, and why you got here but you woke up one day and found yourself in hell. 518 more words

all that i've got 

so if you have me on any social media site, you know that i have deleted facebook, instagram and my all time fave, snapchat. yes, i know what you’re thinking… “what ever will we do without Brooke’s hilarious rap renditions and adorable dog selfies?” … 775 more words


Keep Going to Protests. They Piss Trump Off.

Keep going to protests. Seeing big crowds arrayed against him annoys the everloving crap out of Trump.

Protests cost time and money. Making signs, transportation, parking, seasonal weather gear–it all adds up. 348 more words

Marches And Protests

You Matter

If no one has told you this today, I’m telling you this – You matter. Your feelings matter. They’re not too much or too strong or too annoying. 213 more words


Two-Sentence Prayer Thursday: God Says You Matter

God is not impressed with our extensive vocabulary or how elegant we can sound with our words. Rather, He is looking for undivided hearts toward Him, true dependence upon Him, and daily communication with Him as well as relationship. 248 more words

Two-Sentence Prayer Thursday

You Are Not Inadequate — You Are Enough

We have the tendency to interpret ourselves through our own desires and needs, but also from the ideals and preconceptions, we imagine society demands of us. 1,094 more words