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This is Our Time to Share. 

We are in a society with everyone having the same access to sharing our stories. This time in our history will go down as the most exposed we have ever been. 314 more words

Life Changes

No More

I feel like I’m surrounded by faces
Yet I see no one
I have Snapchat streaks for days
300 plus followers on ig
Yet I still see no one… 94 more words

Self Love

Believe It: You Matter, Part II: You Matter to Other People

This OTYCD entry originally posted in May 2017.

Believe it. You matter to other people. 

One of the most pernicious lies that authoritarians and their ilk try to push is that you don’t matter. 166 more words

Use Your Power, Recruit Friends

You Matter!

I am amazed at how much I learn from my grandkids! I was out walking with one of them and he was noticing everything, “Papa look at the trees with all their leaves.” “Papa there’s a birdie.” “Papa” he said as he pointed to the sky with great enthusiasm “a plane”. 787 more words

10 Years.

*Content warning: in this post I will gently discuss suicide, depression, addiction and abuse. It is about my own experiences and not an opinion piece; however, 1,444 more words

Last Night~

Good evening my new found digital book. I already wrote in my hard cover version of you today, but now I want to share that with the world, or rather, whoever stumbles into my little corner of it. 768 more words

365 Diary