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For the anti-Israel activists, anything positive about Israel is negative

Following on from some of our earlier posts check out this article from the San Francisco Bay Area Reporter which captures quite nicely both the essence of the anti-Israel “pinkwashing” accusation and the true face of Israel’s completely normal national efforts to promote its artistic community abroad (as the article says, “it is a common practice for foreign consulates and the U.S. 162 more words

Responding To BDS

Essays on Israeli Democracy

BICOM, the Britain-Israel Communications and Research Centre, recently published an important series of essays on Israel’s democracy. Although set specifically against the background of the public debate surrounding recent legislative initiatives in the Knesset, the essays also provide insights for anyone exposed to the “Israel=apartheid” message which lies at the heart of the BDS movement. Well worth the read.

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The agenda behind BDS rhetoric

Excellent article exposing the agenda behind BDS rhetoric to read here.

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Israeli film industry is a surprising powerhouse

BDS campaigns like those of PACBI like to argue that Israeli culture should be boycotted because of its government backing, but as this AP article… 25 more words

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Peres, Abbas, Clinton to take part in Facebook peace conference

Thousands of participants from Israel and the Arab world will be part of first ever virtual peace conference hosted by Peres Peace Center.

Read full article here.

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