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Recent recipe round-up

If this Easter weekend has taught me anything, it’s that I need to stop bookmarking recipes ‘to make later’ and start actually cooking – ‘later’ has a habit of never arriving. 495 more words

You Must Try This

Ginger beef noodle soup

Yahoo! Tonight I concocted a recipe from mostly-local, wintery foods that do not taste like Midwestern Winter Food: and Asian-style ginger beef noodle soup. It was quite simple: 127 more words


Street Feast London

I am lucky enough to live in one of the most innovative and interesting parts of London, food-wide (and otherwise!). It seems every week there’s a new pop-up, food stall or story that emerges about some young startup doing exciting things with food, and today was no exception. 347 more words

You Must Try This

My house is for sale!

Come buy it! Gardens, root cellar, and all! See the full listing here.

The only reason we even considered leaving this house is because we found a passive solar home on the edge of a forest. 29 more words

Green Living


The premise behind Housebites is simple: good, local chefs cook up a storm and deliver to your door, for the same price as a takeaway. Entrepreneur Simon Prockter set up the site last year, after deciding he was sick of the greasy offerings from his local Dominos/Indian/Chinese, that often failed to deliver, literally. 407 more words


Unreal City Audio: Coffeehouse Tour

Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you sat in a coffee shop, sipping a steaming latte/flat white/americano? If our coffee-fuelled society is anything to go by, chances are it won’t have been that long. 979 more words


Unending Valentine's Feast!

For a Valentine’s Day date, Scott and I went to La Marsa in Ann Arbor – and WOW, was it good! Feeling celebratory – and a bit ambitious – we got the “Sampler Platter for Two.”  Here’s the breakdown: 410 more words

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