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Creating YOU Time in a Busy Life

I have often said, “If you are too busy for yoga (or massage), you are TOO busy.” I mean that not as an excuse for skipping self-care, but more as a statement to empower you to slow down and make time for yourself. 638 more words

College Time!

So as everyone is aware the fall semester is on it’s way and if you are worried and don’t know what to do?! I’m here to help! 437 more words


College Advice: You Time

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshmen! Today’s advice is on a topic that can often be overlooked or brushed off to the side as not important, but it is important, and that is you time. 694 more words


Time to Relax!

My favorite time of the day is when I take time to calm down and relax. I have various methods and one of my favorites is aromatherapy. 375 more words

Relax Time

"Balloon animals are the best," said no parent ever.

Yesterday, in my life, something amazing happened; amazing.

I do have to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that my mouth moves that way when I talk on video. 858 more words


What is balance? There’s got to be a balance in your life. Ok (!?!) balance of what? What am I meant to balance? Mummy duties, wife duties, personal duties/’you’ time, um… They are all the same, to me. 561 more words

Child Loss

The Booty Guide

Everyone wants a better butt.

Add these five exercises to your ‘at-home-work-out’ and they will help you build a perky posterior.

Let’s get one thing clear: It’s all about the glutes. 528 more words

Me Time