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College Advice: You Time

Welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for sophomores! Today’s post is all about You Time in your sophomore year of college. I wrote a post on this topic for freshman last year you can find it here. 593 more words


Savor The Quiet Moments

It’s early and I’m the only one awake. I like times like these, mornings like these, because I get to enjoy the quiet. Life is so busy, so active.  473 more words

Life And Living Well

Four Tips from Someone Who Does Too Much

I can’t say “No!” to anyone. If I get asked to join a club, help out at an event, or take on a role, I instantly say “Yes!” without a second thought. 773 more words


The benefits of meditation are endless. So why isn’t everyone partaking? There appears to be a mystique around it. As a practitioner and an instructor, the hardest part is getting started and figuring out (and keeping to) the regularity.  147 more words

Everything you Do is Right Day

Yesterday March 16th was Everything you Do is Right Day. Earlier this week I brought you a post about how Everything you Think is Wrong… 617 more words


When it's Time for ALONE Time.

Hello Glamorous Gals,

Today I want to discuss the topic of detecting when you need a break from PEOPLE. Although it is healthy to be social, being TOO social can be very detrimental to you and even your friends as well. 398 more words


How messed up is your life? How stressed are you? How hard are you trying to make things better? You’re mending things with the people concerned… You’re constantly working hard to repair the damage… You’re trying to get out of that depression… Constantly thinking about ways to be happy… Always brainstorming… Whatever it is you’re going through is taking a toll on you… You’re optimistic about positive results but in achieving those results of tomorrow, do you realise what are you missing? 180 more words