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A video for you by John Greene

Today I want to show you a video by John Greene. He is the author who wrote Fault in Our Stars that was published in January 2012. 66 more words


Sufjan Stevens-"The Greatest Gift" Video

It is a very good week when this shows up! No words necessary, just positive vibes and amazing music.

View and Listen.

Sufjan Stevens-The Greatest Gift… 211 more words


Frequently asked questions on Kallmann Syndrome & Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism.

I recently met up with Dr Andrew Dwyer at Boston College, US.

Dr Dwyer has over 15 years experience as a nurse practitioner and researcher into Kallmann syndrome and CHH, working both in Europe and the US. 83 more words

Kallmann Syndrome

My Daily Kitchen Cleaning Routine

Not many care to have to scrub and scour by the hour!  The remedy to that is to keep on top of chores so it doesn’t take long.  134 more words

How-to Video

My Secret Reason for Blogging and Posting You Tube Videos

Ever wonder why someone puts themselves out on social media, inviting the anyone that so desires to get a front row seat on their life? Me too. 22 more words


I Can Pray

When you feel discouraged by the storms of life.. there is something you can do :)