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Sorry we've been AWOL

A million thank you’s to all of our loyal followers!  We want to ask for your forgiveness because we’ve been AWOL for a few months.  I promise the wait will be worth it and we are working on… 54 more words

1975 Bricklin SV1

I’ve always loved a Bricklin so naturally every time I see one I flock to it. My dad had one just like this when I was growing up, same color and all. 15 more words


Week 17-Ways to Invite Humor into Your Life

Dearest Journeyers,
You know how you think you’ll remember events that are hilariously funny? You won’t. This is probably the ONLY time you’ll ever hear me agree with a Dragon. 520 more words

Enchanted Keys

It happened ... the curling tool that changed my life!

I have never been someone that is naturally good at doing my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair to feel good, look smooth and have that polished just rolled off the red carpet thing going on… But to create this, with my hair type: thick and can feel coarse at times, coupled with my hair being quite long to achieve a polished look has always taken me time and nine out of ten times I have given up because to do it even weekly I would need to allow myself at least an hour! 742 more words

Introducing the JDSMotorsports.com Spotlight Series

We’ve played around with various video styles, you tube shows etc, but nothing ever really stuck. To give our video’s some sort of consistency, in 2015 we will be doing the JDSMotorsports.com Spotlight Series. 66 more words



Another great song for your weekend.  Enjoy Landslide and the story behind it.  What Stevie says is absolutely true.  Fear is not great for relationships.