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December 3....Jesus Helped Others and So Can You

Jesus Helped Others to See and So Can You

As the Light of the World, Jesus Christ was born so that no one would have to live in darkness. 230 more words

December 1......

No shoulders have ever borne as much as those of Jesus Christ. By descending below all things, Jesus put Himself in a position to lift our burdens. 103 more words

Video Marketing Is Important To Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is important to your marketing strategy

How important is creating online video when planning your marketing campaigns and brand strategy? Consider these three trends: 757 more words

Video Marketing

Excerpt by Justin Deschamps: Mandela Effect, Timeline Splitting and Correction, from Cosmic Disclosure Season 6 - Episode 2: The Return of Gonzales - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Posted for your edification. The article is excellent, IMO far better is Justin’s video work with added explanation HERE.  I am 300+ posts in on my blog, I could have been a thousand, and not reached the clarity and coherence of this one article by Justin. 1,304 more words


Games and Ghosts

This weekend, we played board games Saturday afternoon and Sunday night at two different events.

I won the game Saturday afternoon (we played 7 Wonders).  And I learned a new game called Chrononauts on Sunday which I lost, but now that I think I’ve figured out the rules, I want to play it again. 393 more words