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Another great song for your weekend.  Enjoy Landslide and the story behind it.  What Stevie says is absolutely true.  Fear is not great for relationships.


You can't heckle at the theatre, why do you think it's okay to heckle at a comedy club?

Comedy is the only art form where people seem to feel they have a right to heckle the performers. In this new video Kirk Noland calls a broadway theatre in NYC to answer the question.   19 more words

You Tube Videos

Closer to Fine

That is where I am today, closer to fine.  Every day, closer.



Ben Fulford: Time to Set the People Free

Coming to us on Youtube from Ben Fulford, right at Chinese New Year is a 1 minute 29 second clip, Time to Set the People Free, 47 more words

You Tube Videos

Obama Advisor Regrets Not Revealing UFO Files

On the day he stepped down as Counselor to President Barack Obama to become the Senior Advisor for the presumptive 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, … 263 more words

Disclosure - UFO

Funny Animal Videos

According to a study, more people prefer to watch funny videos online than daily news. Pew Research Center conducted a survey about people’s preferences in watching online videos. 580 more words

Forbidden Color Combinations

If there is anything that will send a potential client running for cover, then this is on the top of the list. Color combinations can be extremely crucial in design, whether it be print or digital. 27 more words