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Peaches for me

As I perched precariously between the branches half way up my young peach tree, reaching out to bend tender branches bearing the best fruit towards me, I remember thinking “what am I doing?   436 more words

Sarah The Gardener

Day Drinking: Pineapple Beach

After taking last week off from my creative projects, (work schedule got messed up and it was out of my hands, sorry), Don Stugots comes to help you start your week off right. 24 more words

New Video - Adhesions Do & Can Cause Pain - You're Not Going Insane 🙂

Do Adhesions cause pain?

 YES they most definitely can, however, some medical professionals, still proclaim that they do not. Myself, & many other sufferers, have had the miss-fortune to meet this type of medical specialist, & be told it’s “all in our heads”. 47 more words


Songbirds Secret

Hey everyone! Today I am here with a card process video for 7 Kids College Fund!

I kept this card super simple and no colouring or stamping! 16 more words

Wild Orchid Crafts

Cara Bermain Bandar Q dan Menang, Agen Jagad Poker, Poker Online

BANDAR Q adalah pemain bisa jadi bandar keliling, dengan satu syarat dana atau saldo harus mencukupi bisa juga lebih untuk bisa menjadi bandar. Dalam meja Stakes atau kita sebut Min bet 20.000 – Max Bet 100.000 dan untuk menjadi bandar dana atau saldo harus harus ada min Rp 1.000.000 atau bisa lebih contoh Rp 3.000.000  barulah bisa ikutan jadi bandar. 137 more words

Poker Online

Oh, what have I done?! I vlogged myself!!!


What you’re about to see is somewhat of a car crash shambles but I’m biting the bullet and hitting publish. I could make more attempts but I reckon that’ll just prolong the agony. 223 more words