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Friendly Reminder: You ARE Enough

It’s December, and the end of 2017 is nigh. The final countdown to New Year’s is underway. How’s the Christmas shopping going? Any New Year’s resolutions spawning? 723 more words

Inner Geek

What does your self belief have to do with your desired outcomes

So many times I hear business owners saying they have tried everything, but the cash flow is a problem, the business is struggling, they are stuck in the rat race – well I know only too well how this cycle works, business is great and then suddenly things are little quieter and its a mad rush trying to play catch up with the cash flow. 367 more words

Believe In Yourself To Achieve

Library duties.

scatterbrained librarian
penny for your thoughts?
your smile seems a little off
did you seek what you sought?
why does sadness glaze your eyes
why do your lips quiver so… 70 more words

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave
enough to start,
you will.” – Stephen King,

The hardest part of getting a hard job done is where to start. 108 more words

Life & Motivation

The Power of Conviction

The Power of Conviction, being decisive and confident cannot be under estimated. As a differentiating value, conviction can be defined as the unshakable belief in something, without the need for evidence or proof. 1,482 more words


“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.” – Al Neuharth.

Be very afraid when you fail to try, so don’t. 59 more words

Life & Motivation

Hungry Mom Could Only Afford To Buy A Happy Meal For Her Son, But Broke Down In Tears After Reading Stranger’s Note

I sit here at McDonalds, drinking a sprite. Okay, it’s my third sprite. And the lady in the corner…waits. She’s been here since before I got here. 448 more words