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'MoreThanSMS' Adds a Button to the iOS 8 Messages App for Making Calls

Have you ever just felt so lazy that you didn’t even want to close out of the Messages application to go over to the Phone application to enter someone’s phone number in the dialing pad? 90 more words

I realize this statement seems backwards, yet in breaking our hearts it renders it most times more open to feel and receive love.


We find ways to overcome obstacles, including fear of the unknown, providing we want something bad enough.



Happy New Year!! Congrats you made it to 2015

Wow another year has passed and the first thing I think about is all the things I’ve been through. 107 more words

Positive Messages

Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (8)

To know that you will-

Before you turn, you will put on that blinking signal.



Apple Has Hidden Settings in iOS 8 You Don't Know About, Here's How to Show Them!

Apple has a lot of hidden settings in iOS 8 that you probably don’t know about. They’re hidden from the everyday user, and the only way you can show them is to be a part of Apple and have the tools necessary to invoke the settings, or to be jailbroken and enable them the good old-fashioned way – with a jailbreak tweak. 59 more words