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Would You?

If I were a spider,

Would you allow me to crawl down to your fingers?

If I were a camera,

Would you allow me to click you? 88 more words



People respect you, if you respect yourself.

You respect yourself, if you respect your time.

Loving Yourself

Hello friend. Just take a look at them, the world. Just look at the whole bunch of people out there. I know you can see them now. 254 more words


Thank you......

When I first dipped my toe into this blogging caper I didn’t realise what it would mean to me. After all, it’s just life. Nothing special. 135 more words

Baby, will you be my valentine?

Baby, will you go out with me?
Will you let me walk beside you?
Will you not mind the hotel?
Will you sit with me? 156 more words


Sun and Moon

Sun and moon,

We evade each other

While I can’t hold it together

You can’t look away


As you walk away, back turned,

Oblivious… 36 more words


In the city

The cold wind.
Faint noises of cars and people restlessly trying to make it home.
And the sound of music filled my heart with a pain I couldn’t explain. 54 more words