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All alone in a dark room, what’s a witch without a broom? Without physical appearance, whom do you choose to be? Life’s crazy, and that is not the first time those words have poured past your eardrum. 156 more words


The moment arrived.

My professor has come to teach me , and is of very profound knowledge. In fact, his wisdom comes from universal dimensions and from distant epochs, although close to this one. 92 more words


Unknown I need you

Life comes from a mystery called unknown,

I sometimes wished I was unknown,

But yet I want to be known,

So to have others be known, 126 more words


Not Many People Knows I Have Two Adopted Daughter's 

By:Tina Glover

“Not Many People Knows I Have Two Adopted Daughter’s”

The day my adopted daughter’s entered my life was the greatest feeling of my life…

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I lost my fear of falling. I will be with you. I will remember you – MCR


I Was Wrong 

By:Tina Glover

“I Was Wrong”

I was wrong by even showing you my valuable time…

Now as you cascade straight to hell…

There’s no stopping your sorry ass now…

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Hair Being Art.

Typically, when you’re ready to book an appointment to get your hair done, you think salon or barber shop. The industry is undoubtedly gendered. Yolanda Trejo, the founder of Yo:u, is aiming to blur those lines. 536 more words