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You must give yourself time to your own thoughts before you can entertain the thoughts of others.


Do You Have A Moment?

Do you have a moment
To talk about our Jesus Christ
Or to give me advice
Promise me everything will be alright
Do you have a moment… 77 more words


Masih di sini, tetap menanti dan bersiap menghadapi konspirasi semesta dalam mempertemukan kita (kembali) dan memeluk ragamu.

Berjalanlah yang jauh, pahami arahnya agar kau mengerti kebahagiaan tak selalu dalam genggamanmu. 59 more words


I need a friend

There are days when I really need a friend.
I need a friend who would show up at my door
With a pint of creamy icecream… 215 more words

I believe that when you ...

I believe that when you put a smile out there, you get a smile back.

Heidi Klum

Photo Quotes

I dreamt of you, do you remember me? Those mornings when every morning I whispered good morning,

To someone far far away.

Dreams are only dreams, but they have so much meaning in the soul. 149 more words



Are the cliffhanger to my stories,

The daydream to my bored self,

The clickbait to my thumbnail,

The edgy title to my emo poetry,

The after-credits to my superhero movie, 53 more words