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who sees your fire ~ Quote

“الناس ترى «ضوءك» الباهر، ولكنهم 

 لا يشعرون بـ «الحريق» الذي أنتجه!” ~ محمد الطيان، كاتب سعودي 

“People can see your light, but cannot feel the fire that produced it” ~ Mohammed Al Rattayan, Saudi writer 

i can’t help it.

my mind, my soul,

the inside part of me

keeps looking back

to times spent with you

and all i seem to accomplish…

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You said
The stranger the better
I said
Let me give you my life



You are static where I am dynamic:
As waves of my being
Crash into your rigid self
I only find pain and anger
And withdraw into myself… 38 more words



You turned me
Into a tree
Because you needed logs
For your fireplace


I crave numbness; no longer you.

I’m never prepared for the times when I slip and when I let my mind wander too far back and my heart always skips when I remember your face and the taste of your skin did you even want me the way that you say or was it all just a dream or maybe it was really a game cause I know you like to play but it’s all just the same cause you had me at “babe” and sealed the deal with a kiss and then you were mine and nothing would ever or could ever make me feel so alive but alone at the same time cause now I can’t help but think of that night and how everything was right and your skin on my skin then remember the fight and you have a way with words boy they made my muscles too tight and it was cold and I shivered and cried through the night and now I can’t ever believe in love at first sight or any sight at all, because that night, that night, that night…



You said
I have a beautiful mind
You also said
You love sarcasm