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Laying here

Laying in my bed all day
I can hear the rain hit the roof
Tomorrow will be the first of may
I probably won’t move… 83 more words


A little bit different

If someone says you are the apple of my eyes.
I think i am a little bit different.

A little bit different of seeing your eyes. 172 more words


She said if it comes to be true.. Maybe you’re gonna be the one who saves me..

I said .. “ It’s never gonna be true until I’m with you.“

Be You

Simplicity is You


One of the many reasons why I never entered relationships that are deeper than genuine friendships is my mind. My mind that tells me to never trust a man whenever he compliments or felicitates me. 331 more words

Writing & Blogging

Song of the day: Be As You Are by Mike Posner

Virginia Woolf and poetry
No one seemed to notice me
Being young was getting so old
Cheap beer and cigarettes
Life was like a movie set… 381 more words

Words We Wrote At Night #2

You gradually dismembered your being
Now you’re trying
Embarking on the journey to you all over again
The fear of not finding what you seek… what you consciously let go to please another… 11 more words