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she you

splash yourself all over me

let your scent bathe me with bliss

pull me closer

allow me to taste you

allow me to get drunk on you… 21 more words


11 photos that'll make you look twice

Strong mind games over here.

1. Upside down or right side up?

2. Dog or large furry-like male part?

3. Top or no top?

4. Chairs or painted walls? 44 more words


5 pm traffic & a wandering mind

You just didn’t find my worth, worthwhile.


You Have To

“You have to make it happen.”

~ Denis Diderot

Heart Transplant

Your city 

Martin Luther king had a dream and it came true. so what’s stopping yours from coming true too? It’s your self doubt and self pity. Your undetermined nature, deflated moon, dimmed stars and blacked out city. 185 more words

Lies Your Gym Tells You

Is Your gym LYING to you?

Here are a few of the most-common lies your gym tells you when you’re signing up…

1. “There’s no commitment.” Most gym memberships are legal contracts, and even if you can get out of them, it might cost you. 179 more words


Calling My Name!









Freshly Pressed