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“Last night I got to love you like there’d never be anyone else.
This morning I woke up to the sound of you leaving.
You were packing your things and you were telling me you were sorry. 145 more words


The stars shine strong
In the sky of midnight purple
Far, far, far away
Out in the galaxy beyond
Like my love for you
They’re timeless… 23 more words


come back soon?

Today i was happy
Today i was stressed
Today i felt pretty
Today i smiled back at strangers
Today i sang happily while driving to & fro’ 43 more words

Why I'm not crying over you, but crying for you

We shared a lot of memories this time around. And though it comes to an end, I find myself crying. Crying that the next woman in your life won’t know the details of how you love cars, and that later on in life all you want is your kids to see Daddy’s cool car and take them on rides. 166 more words

10 reasons your degree won't help...

10. Bad hygiene. (Nobody wants to sit next to Mr. or Mrs. Stank Ass).

9). You talk way too much. (It’s you if you have to question it). 155 more words

my heart is yours

..and my heart is wild
so much it has managed to escape my body & now has a tent beside your heart..