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Pinhole Cameras

This is the darkroom I’ve set up for my kids. While it looks vaguely (definitely) like the beginning scene of a horror film, it’s actually a pretty magical place. 925 more words


Paper Clay Self-Portraits

I’ve taken on two private students for the Fall semester, May (age 7) and Nora (age 5). This week was the first week I spent with them, and we made paper clay self-portraits. 292 more words


Paper Workshop

For Saturday’s Paper Workshop, we make colored ‘paper clay’  and painted with it. Most of the kids used their hands and just generally smeared the paper around, but some were more careful and made really nice little paintings. 43 more words


Toddler Workshop

For the workshop for ‘My Little Fishbowl’, the kids were given body sized fish cutouts with a spot for their face cut out in the fishes face. 71 more words


Photo Walk!

For the Saturday workshop, I took the photo kids on a Photo Walk/scavenger hunt around the Chelsea area. I let them take as many photos of whatever they wanted, but did ask them to (in addition) take a portrait, a picture of a building, and a picture of what they thought New York smelled like. 11 more words



Bet you didn’t know that you were just a park-bench and a post-it pad away from a flip-book.

‘The Moving Ladybug’ by Madeleine, age 5:


Refillable Sketchbook

I spent this past week with a very vivacious and charming 5 year old named Madeleine. We spent all-day every-day together, and we filled each one with art from pretty much the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. 195 more words