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Curse the Day Job!

Okay, the fact is that most writers have day jobs, or sometimes, night jobs, or second shift jobs or maybe jobs that seem to never end, like teaching. 326 more words


First Quarter Goals Review

This started out as a What’s Up Wednesday post. I even published it and went to link it when I saw that’s no longer a thing. 635 more words


Face Time with YallWest

I know I haven’t had much face time with you lately. In case you miss my mug Google “Lisi Harrison images,” then drain all color from my face and replace my ah-dorable outfit with something ill-fitting and typically worn when flu-like symptoms kick in. 190 more words


Isla and the Happily Ever After Book Review

Sadly, I have come to the end of reading the Anna and the French Kiss companion trilogy by Stephanie Perkins, consisting of Anna and the French Kiss… 1,242 more words


Getting in the Mood -- to write

It’s Saturday morning. The kids are asleep. Dad is working in his garden (hooray for spring) and the dog’s gone out. It’s time to write! And yet…. 523 more words

Young Adult Fiction

City of Ashes Book Review


Good evening guys! I actually have two book reviews to catch up on for books which I have recently finished, the first being the second book in… 878 more words

Young Adult Fiction


There’s no way around it. If you’re a writer, you’re a waiter, and I don’t mean someone who works in restaurants taking food orders. Whether it’s waiting to hear on the latest round of queries you’ve sent out, waiting to hear about a partial or full an agent requested, or waiting to see if your agent is able to find a home for your manuscript, we wait. 434 more words