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6. Emotional Pain

One of the worst emotional pains a typical teenager will experience is a broken heart. In A Perfect Example, Crystal’s heart is breaking when Kyle tells her they can’t see each other anymore. 3,077 more words

Spicy Short Stories


Sometimes the challenging part of getting your writing noticed is selling yourself! Here’s a little about me and the manuscript I’ll present to mentors for #Pitchwars this year. 562 more words

Young Adult Author

Underrated Author: Colleen Gleason

Everyone has authors that are an automatic buy. Whenever said author comes out with a book, you buy it no matter what. Then you have the authors that you come across by accident and you fall in love with that book or series. 278 more words


Matty Was Missing

Matty was missing.

For someone who was missing, I couldn’t run away from him, even if I wanted to.

We lived in a small town, where everyone knows everyone and everything. 976 more words

The Fey Danced The Night Away

It wasn’t the first time that my mom threw a plate at me, it was the first time I threw one back at her. I didn’t want to find out what she was going to throw at me next, and that’s why I ran away from home. 983 more words

What is a Thunderclap?

Secret confession:  I sometimes find marketing my own books tedious and frustrating. (Shocking, isn’t it?) I’ve made full use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the word out, but my reach is limited and I’ve had to face the cold truth that not all of my friends and family want to read my books, much less help me with marketing. 344 more words


The Pirate Treasure

I was already at the Pirate King at age sixteen. I ruled the seas. I guess I thought that all that I wanted was all the gold, gems, and riches of the world. 863 more words