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You always seem so lucky

You and your personality

Your looks and your charisma

Seem to always pull the crowd in

You’re a siren luring sailors to you… 53 more words


ABC Alliteration of Us

As I stare at this arrogant array

Of boisterous bottles

I can’t help but compulsively comfort

A dismount of disappointed feelings

That made an erasable error… 126 more words


Crossed out Thoughts

Whatever happened to us



Once the skies were gray



Now its just two chairs



No idea where to breathe





I remember my mother

would press a kiss atop my head

to signal the authors in my mind

to come alive and make me dream… 50 more words


Miscellaneous Remembrance

Remember the dandelion kisses

we blew when we were young

and the nursery rhymes we always read

and sung

The roses always pricked us

but we played with them anyway, 84 more words


Little Boy

Little Boy

I don’t know how to feel Little Boy

How it feels to have your hands up in defeat

I don’t know how to see, Little Boy… 156 more words


Throwback Thursday: My Teenage Diary (September 2008)

Wednesday 17th September, 2008

Bonjour!  I am a bona fide Year Ten.  Woohoo!!! Actually, Year Ten is the best year yet.  Loads of homework, though.  Art is definitely my favourite subject.   868 more words

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