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Demons and witches...a perfect cocktail for your weekend!

I believe in magic. If you open your eyes there’s magic everywhere…so how can I not believe? A child is being born, two strangers fall in love at first sight…a nightmare is a tad more than just a bad dream but one can banish the demons with a prayer…so yes, for me magic is quite real. 347 more words


New Every Morning | Jay Fesperman (2/3)

When I was in the army during the World War II, I was amazed to see during basic training that the same food eaten by fat civilians-becoming-soldiers AND by thin civilians-becoming-soldiers had an entirely different effect on them; the fat became thinner and the thin became firmer and stronger. 351 more words


In need of advice.

Hello everyone, I’m Katherine Grauhm. Most people just call me Katie. I started this blog and am writing to you guys because I need some advice. 598 more words


Addressing Mental Illness, Part 2

Living at home and going to church, I still faced life in a troubled community. My family and I faced tragedy and adversity. By 2003, I lost my oldest brother to street violence and my mother and nephew were shot all over stolen car rims. 1,351 more words

Mental Health

22/7 The Weekly Best


A church with small groups vs. a church of small groups – “with” and “of” may be a small distinction but it has major consequences for how a church functions. 456 more words

The Weekly Best

Why Give Up?

I’m reading a book at the moment that I have decided I won’t finish. I hate abandoning books, and its rare that I will do so. 843 more words


A mighty step

It was his sky blue tie we saw first, as Raphael greeted us both on the steps of Portsmouth’s imposing Guildhall.

Felt like I was at his wedding. 171 more words