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Young black men, it’s your choice to do better

What prompted this commentary is the fact that I am fed up with crime as committed by young black men. Far more often than not, when a horrendous crime is captured on a security camera — a robbery, a beating, whatever — the criminals are young black men, sometimes teenagers or even younger. 600 more words

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Peek in, look in and see through
the window. There
stands, prodigiously,
a prodigy who coaxes darkness
out of hiding.
His fingers will push
charcoal along spun cotton and reveal… 73 more words


12 Best Summer Trips for Young Black Professionals

I saw this article floating on my time line today and had to repost! I can honestly say that I’ve been to at least three places on the list and it is definitely a summer Must!!! 121 more words

Black Professionals

A Little Positivity And Negativity For The Young Black (unemployed) Dreamer

In Africa, you will see successful black individuals all around you. The fruits of labour can truly be touched and smelled. However, in UK , just over 50 per cent of Black males are unemployed, in contrast to around 25 per cent of white males. 393 more words

Miss UJ 2013 Presents Official Theme Song

Here’s the official theme song of Miss UJ 2013, brought to by E-More.  No official date for the event  has been announced but the theme song is setting the tempo and keeping everyone’s eyes and ears open… rumor has it that the event should be holding in July, but you’ll know as soon as we do! 37 more words