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A Young Boy of Bangladesh Suffers From Skin Disorder That Affects His Hands

A rare condition is turning a seven-year-old boy’s hands and feet into trees.

Ripon Sarker from Thakurgaon, Bangladesh suffers from the condition epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which causes abnormal susceptibility to human papillomavirus – causing the growth of scaly warts. 260 more words


How an Athlete at the Ismaili Jubilee Games Became a Hero to a Young Boy

Adnan Dahlvani of the USA Basketball Team had a deep impact and inspired 8-year old Riyaan Maherali to follow him to every basketball that he played in. 43 more words


Attitude is the Mind’s Paintbrush, it can Color any Situation

Rabbi Yechiel Spero told the story of a man named Shimon who was in dire financial straits. He owed tens of thousands of dollars to credit card companies and private lenders, and lost his job.  857 more words

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