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Story behind the door

Everything was new for him on that beautiful morning, they woke him up by 6.00AM, before he hasn’t felt that cold and warm rays from the ball of fire.  519 more words

Every Hug is Special

Short lean young 8-year-old boy had a demand for a mode of transportation to his school. He has been watching his friends propelling the rusted iron rods (pedals…queek…queek…) of the bicycle which took them to the school. 353 more words

Cleaning the boys picture

Seen above is the original version of the old picture of a young boy that we were tasked with cleaning up by using the spot healing and clone stamp tool. 9 more words


Archetypes - by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Archetypes can be used in many different ways and in most fields of life.

Archetypes make it easy to classify and understand qualities that are related but also to see which qualities that are opposite. 1,483 more words

Andreas N. Bjørndal