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Sunflowers and some other things

As I watch my grandchildren grow I find myself going deeper and deeper into the miraculous beings that they are. They poop and they pee. Their legs support them even though Thing 2 is still working on balancing herself on those two strange little pads the rest of us call feet. 752 more words

GameHub Concierge: Handhelds For Twins

It’s time for another GameHub Concierge question. Today’s question comes a mother who admits to being “completely clueless and mostly disinterested in computer games thingies… 452 more words


No Bad Kids 

“In my world there are no bad kids, just impressionable, conflicted young people wrestling with emotions & impulses, trying to communicate their feelings and needs the only way they know how.

– Janet Lansbury

Monday Mention

B(e)aring my soul.

I’m not really one for a share of feelings. Which may sound a bit strange to the people who know me, as I am a huge fan of talking therapies, I’m always there to listen to and advise friends, I was even working towards being a counsellor myself and sat my exams with a mahoosive bump containing a very wriggly, bladder kick-y big girl. 906 more words


A success

Sometimes a success can be categorized by everyone getting out the door fully dressed and alive. This morning was a success.

No Bones

My middle child is much like me in many ways: she is overly sensitive, intuitively aware of unspoken communication, and her young, knobby kneed body is almost oddly flexible. 126 more words

Meditations And Poetry

Latest Growth Chart: Accepting financial responsibility

July 17, 2015

By Ekta R. Garg

Since Seven’s first birthday, we’ve thrown double birthday parties for the kids. Because their birthdays are only two weeks apart and they’re only two years apart in age, it made sense when Seven turned one to throw a party where we celebrated both of them at the same time. 1,261 more words