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-Lost in nowhere-

Model| Giulia Di Quinzio
Photographer | Virgini di Mauro
Make up | Mariangela Palatini Make-up artist
Designer & Styling | Farwa Zulfiqar

Final Collection!!!!

I’m really excited that the final designs for my first Moody Violet collection are almost ready! And with my love of fabric I’m also excited that just in these five pieces there will be leather, lycra, velvet, chiffon, lace and more😊 I need names to go with all of these looks, like Moody Violet Smoke…


Hand dyed fabric dress

So the fabric I dyed ended up turning into an amazing Julian Roberts inspired dress! It’s not exactly the style of Moody Violet, but it’s given me the inspiration to use my own fabrics in my final collection… The process of zero waste fashion cutting wasn’t my favourite idea, but this dress has turned out 100% better than expected😊


bad girl ring

Sustainable couch moment around 5pm.
custom “bad girl” ring by Mbg FashionStudio.



Fashion Illustration

I made a fashion illustration based on Moody Violet… I really want to use it somehow along the way, however I’m still not sure how. I used fine liner, water colour, collaging with fabric (faux leather) and photos, and then edited the final piece on Photoshop. 34 more words


Late night designing...

And I just couldn’t help working on more stuff. I’m way too excited about my brand… I’m not quite sure on a name for this look???


First Moody Violet Design

Some CAD design work for my final collection paired with my first complete illustration… For each design I do, I’m going to name it, like a mini collection. 68 more words