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Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to The NYC Vision blog page/website. I’m Amanda and I’m a 15 year old aspiring fashion designer from Connecticut. My goals and aspirations are lined out across the charts but this is my creative expression to the fashion world. 118 more words


Hey Fashionistas, today I will be attending the Mercedes-Benz fashion show, showcasing the designers Spring/Summer collection at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton from 15;30pm

I am most excited about the AFI young designer of the year award R by Rich Mnisi and Maps Maponyane show. 34 more words

Jiggle Time


I just quit my job and plan on getting super creative over the next few months. Watch this space. I hope to shock your pants off.

Julia xxx


【DesignHubs】天然雕飾 ● Crystal Series

韓藉年輕設計師Sae-rom Yoon其最新作品水晶系列(Crystal Series) ,用上光學原理,令顔色透過光線折射及折射產生了一種極為自然的漸變。因為不同角度的反射和折射,將多種顏色混合,所以作品就像天然雕飾。

水晶系列是由染色亞克力樹脂(dyed acrylic resin) 製成,在此作品的過程中,設計師直在接亞克力樹脂表面染色,當染色材料在融化之後再次被粘合起來,亞克力樹脂表面看上去就像重疊起來,從而產生了充滿層次的顏色。過程讓人們看到自然的顏色,而非人工的顏色。


Storytelling through fashion

When I dream, I dream in colour…🎶

Apparently, if you grew up watching black and white TV you dream in black and white. That’s a “fact” I heard on TV, today. 156 more words


Up and coming: London Fashion Week

With just over two months to go, London fashion week will start on the 16th of September until the 20th. So, what am I doing? In a time where fashion events are extremely prestige, I am spending multiple hours, calling, emailing and getting in contact with those who give out said ‘golden tickets’. 252 more words