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bad girl ring

Sustainable couch moment around 5pm.
custom “bad girl” ring by Mbg FashionStudio.



Fashion Illustration

I made a fashion illustration based on Moody Violet… I really want to use it somehow along the way, however I’m still not sure how. I used fine liner, water colour, collaging with fabric (faux leather) and photos, and then edited the final piece on Photoshop. 34 more words


Late night designing...

And I just couldn’t help working on more stuff. I’m way too excited about my brand… I’m not quite sure on a name for this look???


First Moody Violet Design

Some CAD design work for my final collection paired with my first complete illustration… For each design I do, I’m going to name it, like a mini collection. 68 more words


Dyeing Fabric

Getting creative and dyeing fabrics…  If there was a fabric representation of Moody Violet, this would be it. I used a basic jersey material, and ironed in creases to get symmetrical patterns from the dye throughout.


Fabric Branding

Due to my major interest in using a very diverse range of fabrics, I decided that after completing the design of my logo, I would use the laser cutter to etch it into some faux leather. 37 more words


Moody Violet

The first step to creating Moody Violet is complete! Logo down, watch this space!  Inspired by the Goddess Luna, shine in times of darkness.  Always have your glass half full!   8 more words