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Do Christians believe that the world is only 6000 years old?

It is true that many Young Earth Creationist Christians hold to the view that the world, and universe, is just 6000 – 10 000 years old. 427 more words


Book Review: Keathley and Rooker, 40 Questions about Creation and Evolution

Keathley, Kenneth and Mark F. Rooker, eds. 40 Questions about Creation and Evolution. 40 Questions and Answers Series. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kregel, 2015. 432 pp. Pb; $23.99. 1,090 more words

Book Reviews

The 10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth

The earth is only a few thousand years old. That’s a fact, plainly revealed in God’s Word. So we should expect to find plenty of evidence for its youth. 147 more words


Biblical Faith in Christ 

Biblical Faith in Christ

I have a friend who thinks he is a Christian but doesn’t know or believe what the Bible teaches. His Presbyterian denomination has reinterpreted it. 353 more words


Did Jesus Christ support Genesis as a young Earth account?

Both Peter and Paul warned us in the Bible against believing in man-made fables that only lead us into doubting God’s word. Unfortunately, a good number of believers today and a good number of churches have allowed fables to creep in unawares to the point where they do, in fact, doubt the truths we find in the Bible. 172 more words


Why I believe in a young Earth

There has been a lot of debate and disagreement over what kind of creation actually took place.  I will use Scripture to support why I believe young earth is the only possible answer.  984 more words

Why I Believe In A Young Earth

A hundred years ago there was a stream in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State that had a high level of gold and other minerals in it. 686 more words