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Marvels of God's Design

I remember standing there with giant dinosaur robots hovering over me as if I was an ant. Being there on the set of the first Jurassic Park film was an amazing moment for me as a child and to this day I can remember, in great detail, the ancient animals which were so wonderfully portrayed on movie screens across the world. 879 more words

Book Review

In the Beginning ... 6 Stories to Illustrate the Origin of Life and the Universe to Kids

A while ago I shared some activities I’d done with our kids to help them understand some of the evidence for God that we see in science and the natural world.  1,208 more words

Apologetics For Kids

The Sun: Evidence Against the Old-earth Model

Have you ever wondered what powers the sun and provides its energy? Scientists today have discovered that the process of nuclear fusion, which occurs when two or more… 995 more words


The Four-Legged Snake and the Bible

Martin Luther said that snakes were once four-legged cuddly creatures of the field. It’s in the Works of Luther, should you wish to read his theory. 983 more words


The Unique Genre of Genesis 1

When discussing the nature of Genesis 1, many people feel it’s important to take into account the literary genre. The idea is that, once the genre is identified, it will provide some guidance as to whether the passage should be regarded as literal or figurative. 853 more words


Is Wm. Paul Young's New Novel Eve Biblical? A Book Review

Book Details

Title: Eve: A Novel
Author: Wm. Paul Young
Publisher: Howard Books
ISBN: 1501101420
Publishing date: September 15, 2015… 1,053 more words


The pink elephant and other conspiracies

This is going to be an exercise in ‘couch politics’ please take everything with a pinch of salt.

I mean I really believe what I am writing here is true and I will cite a few web sites if possible but mostly I am just letting of steam and in the process making a few comments about society.  4,699 more words