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Is the Big Bang cosmology a theistic or atheistic theory of cosmic origins?

Dr. Michael Strauss is a practicing particle physics employed as a professor at University of Oklahoma. He does research in particle physics at CERN, a large hadron collider. 1,185 more words


Evolution is Wrong (or Wronger)?

President-elect Donald Trump said he will be the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created” in a recent press conference (1-11-17).  Does the Donald Deny Darwin? 101 more words


Creation and the Creator

It is fitting that this first blog for 2017 be about the Beginning – for we all have this “natural” new start with the New Year upon us. 765 more words

2017 Peneteuch

How Lake Beds Point to an Old Earth

One of the clearest pictures of an old earth comes from carefully looking at the bottoms of lakes. The evidence there gives a very convincing argument that the earth is at least tens of thousands of years old, hundreds of thousands of years old, or even millions of years old. 678 more words


Simple Science Posts

So far, most of the articles written on Creation Reality have had to do with Biblical observations or spiritual reflections. In my next post, I’m going try something new: Short “Simple Science” articles that present scientific topics in (hopefully) simple terms, yet faithfully relate the most important concepts. 236 more words


TWO theological reasons Biblical creation REQUIRES 6 ordinary, 24 hour days!

There are the two Biblical reasons why I take the “Young Earth” position. I do NOT take it because of science since science is an interpretation of evidence, and it can change as new evidence appears. 609 more words

Christian Apologetics

Five Point Evolutionism

Disclaimer: this post is meant to be descriptive not persuasive.

Many Christians have heard of the five points of Calvinism. Some people use the points to rate themselves, saying such thing as “I’m a three-point Calvinist.” 759 more words