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Sam Harris Satire Piece (Bonus Appearance from Kent Hovind)

I regret to inform you that I recently have a snap conversion to Young Earth Creationism, and from now on, will only be writing satire that is entirely King James-friendly and Unreconstructed-Calvinistically sound in character. 33 more words

Dinosaur eggs from China disprove 'Old Earth' evolution theories

An examination of dinosaur eggs uncovered in China may show some of the most recent evidence that dinosaurs existed thousands of years ago instead of the millions of years commonly proclaimed. 383 more words


Why I’m a Young-Earth Creationist

Indeed, the age of the earth debate is largely one of a third tier nature, and one that need not divide the church. It’s more of an “in house” issue. 3,778 more words


Blind Justice

We all know Antonin Scalia as an originalist, a gadfly and  a reliable conservative vote on the SCOTUS. But here’s something you didn’t know, and it’s a bit troubling: 254 more words

I Hate You

Rick Santorum Wants the Pope to stop supporting Climate Change!

*Warning: Catholics, I’m about to imply that the Pope is quite far from omniscient and divine.*

So Rick Santorum is yelling at dear Pope Francis for becoming involved in and believing in… 351 more words


Dumbass Insists On Remaining Dumb

Another dipshit creationist insists on the 6,000 year old version of the earth even though he finds fossils that are 60,000,000 years old where he works: 106 more words

Mental Illness

A Deeply Seeded Misunderstanding

Whenever I feel listless, a passing depression, I can always go to AiG to inflame my passions (the floweriest way to reaffirm my living, if only to be angry at people purposefully misrepresenting my views, and the views of my peers). 995 more words