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Why I believe in a young Earth

There has been a lot of debate and disagreement over what kind of creation actually took place.  I will use Scripture to support why I believe young earth is the only possible answer.  984 more words

Why I Believe In A Young Earth

A hundred years ago there was a stream in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State that had a high level of gold and other minerals in it. 686 more words


Errors Within Radioactive Dating 

The biblical age of the universe and earth is roughly 6,000 years, based on creation accounts and genealogies documented in the Bible.

The ages of the universe and earth claimed by scientists today are billions of years. 349 more words


F.A.Q. #6: In the Beginning, God . . . Did What, Exactly?

Few points of Christianity seem to be contested as much as how to read the very first chapter of the Bible (and the second and third, for that matter). 1,203 more words


Australia Just Uncovered the Largest Asteroid Impact in History and Have No Idea When It Happened

Scientists in Australia have discovered what they say is the largest asteroid impact area ever found.

The new discovery in Australia dwarfs Meteor Crater in Arizona, one of the best preserved meteorite craters in the world. 974 more words

End Time Prophecy

Mr. Frank Strikes Again!

You may recall a post a while back titled “My Concern with Mr. Frank.” This post discussed the statements of my Latin III teacher, dubbed Mr. 748 more words


Audio Drama Review: Jonathan Park: The Adventure Begins

I first learned of Jonathan Park through facebook friends sharing what a great Christmas gift this would make for children. I took a look and was interested, but was afraid to spend $25 on something I wasn’t sure my young children would be interested in at this time. 551 more words

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