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The Time That Earth was Divided

Read 8.) Genesis 11:1-9, 10:1-32, then 11:10-32. About 100 years after the Great Flood, some hundreds of Noah’s descendants, thru his 3 sons, settled in modern-day Iraq to found one city, Babel, and build a ziggurat from which to observe the stars. 475 more words


The Book of Nature and Its Proper Use

In my reading of Spurgeon recently, I was reminded of something I briefly blogged on a few years ago: the idea of “two books” from God, one of which is the “book of nature.” 670 more words

Christian Authors

A Commentary Of: Charles Darwin, ‘Autobiography’, Life and Letters (1887)

This Post is in two sections, I have opened with the source in which I have been analysing and to follow up I have written my commentary discussing the extent to which Darwin’s theory was revolutionary. 2,160 more words

In the beginning, God....

Read 2.) Genesis 1:1-2:4a, where we learn of the origin of all things. Genesis chapters 1 thru 11 is the Origins or Creation Phase of the Bible. 490 more words


Carbon Dating Supports a Young Earth

Radioactive Carbon is a Carbon atom that has a different amount of neutrons within the nucleus.

carbon-14 is Carbon that has more neutrons, and is made from nitrogen being hit with the sun’s rays in the atmosphere. 434 more words

Where's the Faith?

In 1984, Wendy’s began one of the most popular advertisement campaigns of all time.  Featuring three older women in search of a hamburger, every one of the commercials featured the tag line “Where’s the beef?”  These commercials were an instant  sensation and the question “Where’s the beef?” became ubiquitous.  1,078 more words

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YES, the Young Earth Podcast (Intro)

How old is the earth?  Does it matter?  Find out more by listening to our first podcast.  Philosophy, Biology, Geology and History support a young planet.   25 more words