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Dumbass Insists On Remaining Dumb

Another dipshit creationist insists on the 6,000 year old version of the earth even though he finds fossils that are 60,000,000 years old where he works: 106 more words

Mental Illness

A Deeply Seeded Misunderstanding

Whenever I feel listless, a passing depression, I can always go to AiG to inflame my passions (the floweriest way to reaffirm my living, if only to be angry at people purposefully misrepresenting my views, and the views of my peers). 995 more words


Old Earth Accords With Literal Days

Perhaps the strongest evidence against old earth theories (about the age of the earth) are the repetitions of “there was evening and there was morning, the # day” (In Genesis 1). 373 more words


A Review of 40 Questions About Creation and Evolution

The Genesis account of Creation remains a hot topic, not just in the church, but in coffee shops, universities, books, and just about everywhere people enjoy debate and dialogue.   488 more words


Created Last Thursday

It’s hard to argue with someone who says that the whole universe was created last Thursday.   Everything in its place, a stage built and actors entering. 773 more words


Absolute Truths

Absolute truths are absolute, unless they are inconvenient, then we can throw them out (temporarily) and pick them back up–like setting aside jewelry before a fight. 854 more words


Do Christians believe that the world is only 6000 years old?

It is true that many Young Earth Creationist Christians hold to the view that the world, and universe, is just 6000 – 10 000 years old. 427 more words