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My Latest Obsession: Skillshare

I try to keep this blog as non-personal as possible–simply talking about small business from an outside perspective, but I wanted to take this on a personal level tonight. 369 more words


How I style Adexe watches

¬†¬†Congratulations to my good friend, Winnie’s lovely sister to be launching a new exciting watch brand- ADEXE. To share both the creator herself and her father’s passion for watches to the world, the young entrepreneur’s goal is to spread positive messages behind each watches. 107 more words


Small Businesses and Stock Photos

Here’s the scenario: You are starting up a business and need to make your website look, well, professional. You are a lone worker, no employees, not enough funding to get a photographer to take stellar photos for you to use–so what now? 366 more words


Why You're Ugly

I used to work with a guy who thought he was the absolute best thing to ever walk the earth. The dude had a hard time understanding why not every woman who came in contact with him didn’t fall at his feet. 167 more words


The Worst Cities For Small Business

I had recently wrote about the best cities for small business based on a 2015 report by CNBC, but wanted to flip it around. Although, saying a city is bad for small business is not necessarily fair–as we have seen cities dubbed “bad” turn into some flourishing metropolises for small business, it is still worth noting. 239 more words


Career Seminar: 5 Things I Learned

So last Thursday I went to a seminar, specifically geared towards Pre-Law students, and I met some really amazing people! There were two speakers, and they were both part time lawyers. 1,264 more words