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Insights On Starting My Mini Business Venture

At 23, I have set up my own small rice retailing store and it was worth the shot. It took me four months for all the processes and it may be longer than the usual time it can take to start a business without any other responsibilities. 1,873 more words

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Maya Penn is a 15 year old philanthropist, environmental activist, entrepreneur, eco-designer, inspirational speaker, artist, animator, coder, (makes animated short films), illustrator, and writer. She is the CEO of Maya’s Ideas, a company she started in 2008 when she was just 8 years old. 122 more words

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Youth Entrepreneurship ~ Youth Empowerment  Dreaming Big

At 16 years old, Jaylen is the CEO of The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group. He tells his story, a true motivation, to youth audiences around the world on how he started at the young age of 12. 321 more words

Making A Difference

Walk the walk

Starting any business is tough. There are no short cuts, no quick routes up the mountain to success. It’s hard graft and takes patience and perseverance. 662 more words

10 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing for Young Entrepreneurs

Something I’m quickly realizing as a 23 year old entrepreneur, is that the internet is much bigger than I previously realized. Even being born into a generation that glorifies the share, like, post, comment, and message element of the internet, it can be very overwhelming to read hundreds of articles about the timing of posts, the content, call to actions, e-mail lists, and building a consistent and large following. 1,608 more words

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Why a 15 year old decided to build bikes from bamboo in Ghana

 At an African Leadership Academy event in Johannesburg last year, I asked a young Ghanaian entrepreneur, Winifred Selby, what motivated her to co-start Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative when she was just 15. 793 more words