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Financial Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Your business is starting to bring in some revenue, congrats! After you’ve paid your expenses (which includes paying yourself), you might have some money leftover at the end of the month. 903 more words


How to Travel Lightly: Like a GirlBoss

For weeks, I contemplated the kind of content I want to focus on.

I came up with the broad umbrella of the “GirlBoss” lifestyle… 1,062 more words

4 outils gratuits (ou presque) pour le marketing digital d’une PME

Faire de la publicité coute cher ! Mon budget est limité ou inexistant ! Lorsque je parle avec d’autres entrepreneurs, directeurs de TPE ou PME, j’entends souvent que les budgets sont serrés et par conséquents, ils font peu de publicité autour de leurs produits ou services. 474 more words




該項由歐盟(European Union)的執行機構歐盟委員會(European Commission)和支持有機農業研究的英國慈善機構Sheepdrove Trust提供的科學研究,指出有機產品有益於降低心臟病風險的ω-3脂肪酸的水平比普通產品高出50%。

這文章最有趣的結論不是有機食品對身體的益處,而是提出有關有機產品對環境的影響。許多人稱自己購買有機食品並非是為了更高的營養價值,而是出於對環境的憂慮,以及希望能避免農藥問題。研究指出「ω-3脂肪酸是一種多不飽和脂肪。有機食品中ω-3脂肪酸水平較高,並不是有機食品本身的特點(即不給予動物抗生素、激素或轉基因飼料)造成的,而是因為有機養殖的動物在室外活動的時間較長。有機牛奶和牛肉產自在草地上放牧的牛,而大多數普通牛奶和牛肉則產自吃穀物的牛。」「有機食品本身並沒有什麼神奇之處,」研究的作者之一,有機產業顧問查爾斯·M·本布魯克(Charles M. Benbrook)說。「關鍵在於動物是用什麼東西飼餵的。」



Young Entrepreneur getting started

Why entrepreneurism?

As a young millennial, seeking to build up a future with financial freedom, I have came across several difficulties whilst getting started. 17 years old, participating in the first year of an apprenticeship for carpentry, I have come to realize, that my future entails something completely opposite, to what I have envisioned in the departure of my school. 270 more words



Hello guys !! This is my first blog post on our blog ” bEntreprenur “. We (bEnrtepreneur team) are writing this blog focusing on our most passionate topic  “ 887 more words

Entrepreneur Basic

What a young entrepreneur could teach us?

Today, the word “entrepreneur” holds more meanings than ever before. For some, it implies running a multimillion-dollar company. For others, modern entrepreneurship is about building new relationships and living the life you’ve dreamed of. 999 more words