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Women In Transition: The Serial Entrepreneur

Upon starting this category, I wanted to have a space which really showcased today’s local women and their endeavors. Their stories told in a new way, aside from their appearance and titles; rather a platform that really allowed their stories to be told through their own words. 642 more words


Meeting up with Entrepreneurs from the Unconventional Conference

Yesterday, my parents took my sister and I to the Unconventional Conference. It is a conference for entrepreneurs like myself. Many great entrepreneurs from around the world came to talk about their experiences and little tricks that they found along the way. 328 more words

Do you trade hours for dollars

Do you trade your hours for dollars doming something you don’t love.  Sadly, most people do.

Find your passion and allow yourself to live a life you love.


You have a great business idea now what

Do you have a great business idea but you don’t know what to do next. Check out the slideshare below to answer some questions you may have about starting your business. 23 more words


7 Beliefs that will hold you back from reaching your goals.

7 Beliefs That Will Stop you from starting your business

Don’t allow these ideas stop you from starting a business as a young entrepreneur or college student. 142 more words



At a time when unemployment in Nigeria, Africa has created an overall feeling of weltschmerz it becomes imperative that every well meaning individual, government, and corporate organizations team up to abolish this malaise. 218 more words


Toon-world.com is launched

For the last couple of months I have been wanting to start a website about cartooning and now I have, called Toon-world.com. As I may have mentioned before I have always loved to draw. 185 more words