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Lean & Agile - A Match Made in Heaven

As a young entrepreneur, or as a seasoned veteran, you should be (or will be very soon) familiar with the concept of lean and agile… 692 more words

Young Entrepreneur

The Ways I Invest

If you read my recent Perspective is Everything post, you will have noticed that I wrote about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and about how it provides a good perspective on investment and money. 560 more words

Young Entrepreneur

Perspective is everything

Recently I have finished reading two book that have one thing in common. Perspective. As a young entrepreneur, reading is one activity that is such a great way to expand your knowledge base. 607 more words

Young Entrepreneur

Going for It

About three years ago I graduated from college young and ready to conquer the world. Being an “adult” was going to be so easy. Pay a couple bills here and there, work Monday-Friday 9-5 with my weekends free to do as I pleased– adulting was going to be a piece of cake. 334 more words

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Work Hard & Have Fun | Guest Post

“Work hard and have fun” was something I learned this past year from my history teacher. She applied it to the material we were learning, and to real life. 227 more words


10 Cara Jika Kamu Ingin Kaya di Usia Muda

Siapa sih orang di dunia ini yang nggak kepengen kaya? Pasti semua orang pengen dong ya. Gak cuma bisa membuat kita hidup enak, tapi kekayaan juga bisa membuat seseorang lebih punya kesempatan untuk berbagi dan membantu orang lain. 975 more words

Young Entrepreneur

Chandana Muniapalle shares about her journey as a fashion blogger

ఫ్యాషన్ బ్లాగింగ్‌లో ‘తెలుగు’ వెలుగు!

ఫ్యాషన్.. సాధారణ వ్యక్తికి ఇదెప్పుడూ కొరకుడు పడని సబ్జెక్టే.. ఎప్పుడూ ఏదో ఒక కొత్త ట్రెండు మార్కెట్లోకి వస్తూనే ఉంటుంది. అలాంటి ఫ్యాషన్లు..continue

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