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Prayer for Young Families

Top five reasons I love the Young Families Group:

5)  I’m part of a young family and my kiddo blends right in and has a blast. 197 more words


A Letter to My Generation and Myself

So, we can all agree that the group making the most out of the current situation in this country is young families, right? (Note sarcasm) I often hear comments that the millennial generation struggles with an attitude of entitlement, is generally irresponsible, inconsiderate, and is all in all: hopeless, lazy, and ungrateful. 827 more words


Can we afford childcare?

So babies are expensive creatures. You’ve got the direct hits on your wallet: buying pants with a wearable life of two weeks before their elasticity is annexed by your baby’s ballooning thighs. 541 more words


How To Add Romance While Also Traveling With Kids

Before the kids became part of the family, it was easy to find romance while traveling. But things are a lot different now that the household has grown to three or four. 787 more words


The Sweestest Pillow Talk

When I started yoga teachers’ training (YTT) mid-September something shifted in our household. Before, my daughter had been a textbook sleeper. Bedtime routine had been bath, books, a quick song, and a prayer. 603 more words


blessing at church, not what you think

Yesterday we attended church as usual.  Overall the service was good but nothing out of the ordinary. The service itself is not where the blessing came from. 375 more words


Parent Mentoring to continue after end of pilot project

Last weekend our fantastic Parent Mentors gathered at The Place to look back on the pilot project and reflect on what we can do next. 262 more words