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New Beginnings!

Hi! My name is Shania and I have decided to make the first big step in making quite a personal blog about my partner, Leo and I. 365 more words


Finally, Tomatoes

Hi again! Sorry for the shortage of posts I’ve been very busy with general house and grounds maintenance (painted around my front door, my gate and weeded my empty front garden) I also realised that I’m dreadful at remembering that I need to take photos as I go so the next few posts might only have after pictures. 119 more words


Eliza is One!

Autumn in Michigan is (rightly) lauded so often that I tend to forget how gorgeous and colorful Spring is, too.

The Truer family and I spent a lovely morning downtown Grand Rapids recently to mark Eliza turning one year old! 57 more words


Runner beans and some peas

Good afternoon, as promised an actual plant based post on a gardening blog.

While all the clearing and building was going on I had some seedlings trying the hardest to foil my attempts to bugger them up and I have a few little sprouted seedlings happily growing. 222 more words


Getting into bed.....s

Hopefully less rambling this time, more to the point but I digress already.

Having cleared the bramble jungle and pulled as many and as much of the roots as I could it was time to turn my attention to arranging where I could and would plant everything. 296 more words


My garden

Firstly I should probably point out, I’m a novice gardener. I’ve mowed the lawn for my parents and tried to grow the odd tomato or chilli plant, and the during my summer holidays from school I used to trim the hedges and later rake leaves for my elderly neighbours, but these are more chores that needed doing – and the odd fiver as thank you went a long way at 14! 276 more words


A 54㎡White House in Sweden

No matter how hard it is to use white color in home design, the clean and bright visual experience is irreplaceable.

This old apartment does not have too much ornate decoration. 84 more words

Interior Design