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UK Young Renters Prospect in 2015

The State of Young Renters in 2015: What Are Their Prospects for Becoming Owners? Current statistics suggest that fewer and fewer people in the middle class will own their homes, particularly among the young. 16 more words


So My husband and I have decided to take the next step. April was our 1st anniversary as you may have read in my previous post. 279 more words


23 weeks pregnancy update - Baby is moving!!

Hey hey everyone, its been a little while since posting last!

So whats been going on? The feeling of getting bigger and being more uncomfortable is so real! 298 more words

Pregnancy cravings!

There have been so many delicious and really odd things that I have been craving so far in my pregnancy.. and to be honest, I never thought that they would be the sort of things that women craved when they are pregnant.. 368 more words

Pregnancy fashion!

It has come to that point in time that I am no longer fitting into the clothing that I once wore, due to my ever growing little monkey. 342 more words

Finally getting cold weather!

So for a little while now we have been getting an odd version of Autumn. We have been getting temperatures up to 30 degrees instead of a much better 10 -15 degrees. 91 more words

Pregnancy paranoia

I don’t often hear of many young mothers talking about their anxieties, fears and paranoia in their pregnancies.. and surely I am not the only one who experiences it. 358 more words