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How to Afford a Stay-at-Home Parent

Having a stay-at-home parent in the house can be such a blessing, but for many, it can seem financially out-of-reach. Here’s a typical scenario: a couple begins life together while both are working. 1,825 more words


The Unspoken Subject

Its funny how the important topics that need people’s attention are the ones people tend to brush to one side or sweep under the rug. 451 more words


Still Not Sure If Behavioural Cash Flow Planning Is For You?

If you are still not convinced that cash flow planning is important to your over all financial plan – let’s us recap a few key points. 233 more words

Financial Planning

The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Soldier's Girl

There isn’t anything harder than having a long distance relationship, especially when there are children involved.

I mean is there anything more difficult than parenting besides dealing with a mini mastermind in the making? 397 more words


My Story So Far

Its funny how things never go to plan, how life has a funny way of showing you your true path in life.

I mean when I finally decided to cut the crap and go to uni, I’d meant to go to find myself, have a little more freedom and of course have fun. 234 more words


The Secret Life of a Uni Student

You would think that being a few years past my teen years, that I wouldn’t categorize into a statistic.

Unfortunately (to some) last year I was 21, unmarried and pregnant which was still frowned upon, and while adding ‘University Student’ to the list of labels may have proven to be quite a feat in some peoples’ eyes, for most it just meant that I was completely off my rocker. 111 more words


"Is This Working?": Eucalyptus Garland

My husband is the primary breadwinner in our family. There, I said it. Now we’ll all shake off the squirmes we got when I said “breadwinner” like the batty grandma in a 90’s sitcom. 1,105 more words