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Three Major Principles for Decoration of SOLO

Different house is suitable for different decoration style. For SOLO decoration, here are three major principles:

1.SOLO should be neat

Disorder beauty is popular in fashion. 437 more words

Interior Design

February 26, 1938, Auction of Farm and Household Goods

As WWII loomed on the horizon it would seem that my great grandparents Charles and Maud Young were getting out of the farming business and selling everything that wasn’t nailed down. 215 more words

I wish that I could be like the cool kids

My little brobro does photography as a hobby  so we held a little photo shoot for our first born. (thank you again by the way, love you so much) She is having an 8th grade promotion party and we felt it would be nice to send out a picture of her along with the invites. 83 more words

Lazy Saturdays

Happy Sunday folks! Are you one of these people who spends the week pushing on through just to reach the weekend? I think we’re all guilty of it, especially me, but I keep telling myself that it’s important to embrace the everyday little things, as these are the things that make our life what it is. 432 more words


Thanks Grandma Young!

Since March is Women’s History Month this week I am featuring my Grandmother, Marie Louise Titter Young (1907-1996).  I believe it is thanks to her that my family has all the wonderful documents that have led to this Blog.  488 more words

The Reality of Apprenticeships in the 19th Century

So imagine yourself – 10 or 12 years of age and one day your mother, father or stepfather delivers you to the home of another, where you will serve time learning the art and mystery of a trade. 590 more words

On Living Life to the Fullest

A couple of days ago, we packed up the boys and decided to take full advantage of the 70 degree January South Carolina weather by going out to the river. 428 more words

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