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Do the Bartman

Young Justice Season 2, Episode 6


SUMMARY: Impulse, a tourist from 40 years in the future, visits Mt. Justice and helps fight Neutron alongside his grandfather, The Flash. 2,462 more words

Young Justice

Teen Girl Squad

Young Justice Season 2, Episode 5


SUMMARY: While Jaime looks for his missing friend Tye who ran away from home, an all-female Team goes to Bialya where they fight a Fearsome five. 2,134 more words

Young Justice

Appellaxian Trail

Young Justice Season 2, Episode 4


SUMMARY: Green Arrow arranges an intervention for Red Arrow, who has been on the skids since he devoted himself to finding Speedy. 2,628 more words

Young Justice

"Y" Is For ...

… Young Justice! (1998)

As we get to the end of the alphabet, I find myself stretching the definition of the idea for this series. 108 more words

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Diary of a Mad Black Manta

Young Justice Season 2, Episode 3


SUMMARY: Discovering that they committed atrocities on Rimbor while under the Light’s control, six members of the Justice League turn themselves in to the authorities, but first they do battle under a volcano with Black Manta’s troops led by Black Manta’s son, Kaldur’ahm. 2,970 more words

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#28DaysofBlackCosplay Spotlight: Christopher W.!

First Name and Last Initial: Christoper W.

Where are you from originally, or where do you reside currently? I was born and raised in South East Washington, DC. 427 more words

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Excluding all the typical Justice League members that is… And I’m super pumped for season 3!

  1. Kid Flash

    I love Kid Flash. Although I don’t really personally find his jokes funny, he likes to make a joke and is pretty impatient – meaning his actions often end up being pretty amusing to watch.

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