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Why Miss Martian is Awesome!

  1. She’s a Martian. Space aliens are automatically cool.
  2. She’s the niece of J’onn J’onzz, aka The Martian Manhunter. So she got her through nepotism. What of it?
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Why (blank) Is Awesome!

Help Greg Weisman Kickstart Full Cast AudioPlay of Rain of the Ghosts

Revealed: #MysteryRecord is the #RainoftheGhosts AudioPlay starring @brittuom! Please check out our KickStarter via http://t.co/ujTXuoSboI!

— Greg Weisman (@Greg_Weisman) March 30, 2015

Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Gargoyles) …

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The Protection of Human Rights in Nigeria

The Protection of Human Rights in Nigeria

by Ekemini Ekpenyong

It is essential to note that the need for protection of human rights is now not only recognized as the foundation of freedom and justice but as an integral and essential element for the preservation of peace not only within the confines of particular states, but universally. 907 more words

Legal Aid

Young Justice Rewatch

This morning, around 1 A.M. Central Daylight Time, I started to rewatch season 1 of Young Justice on Blu Ray. I had just finished watching the amazing “The Legend of Korra”, so it was going to be a tough act to follow. 116 more words

Ep 111 - Christopher Jones Stops By the Evil Lair!

Greetings, Evil Geeks! In today’s episode we sit down with comic artist Christopher Jones to talk about his work on the comic adaptation of the hit animated show Young Justice, comic con life, his work on Parallel Man, and of course we talk COMICS! 83 more words


Ideal 52 #51: Legends Of The DC Universe


In the wake of “Convergence,” DC returns to those other universes for stories that last one to three issues each


Legends Of The DC Universe is not, actually, a New 52 book. 373 more words


Completion List Update

A while back, I posted about my completion list of authors and television shows.

I’m added many more, not as much by watching more TV but by checking episode guides. 226 more words