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My opinion on Pansexual Deadpool in Deadpool 2 and Young Justice possible LGBT characters

Hello interweb, Nate here!  Yeesh, first my last post and now this.  This blog is getting too gay!  All jokes aside, quite recently Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds suggested that he would be hopeful for Deadpool to get a boyfriend in the sequel… 1,606 more words


Young Justice Season 3: Needs and Wants

It’s finally happening!! Young Justice Season 3 is coming!!

Even though it is a year away I am so excited for this new season. I have watched Young Justice since the first episode on Cartoon Network and binge-watched both seasons several times since the show went off the air in 2013. 771 more words

TV Shows

Tuppence to Spend and Tuppence to Lend

Young Justice Season 1, Episode 11


Note: This was written before Young Justice was picked up for a 3rd Season.

SUMMARY: Superboy and Miss Martian go undercover in Belle Reve prison in order to stop an attempted breakout. 2,778 more words

Season 1

The Power of Fandom

Never underestimate the passion of a nerd. Nerds are some the most passionate people you ever meet. When a nerd falls in love with a movie, show, or comic, they will follow it to the end of days. 786 more words


Aqualad To Join 'Teen Titans' In Issue 6

Jackson Hyde, the DC Universe version of “Young Justice’s” fan-favorite version of Aqualad, will join the Teen Titans in March’s issue 6.

Introduced in DC continuity in 2010 in “Brightest Day #4, which coincided with Aqualad’s animated debut in “Young Justice”, Jackson Hyde was depicted as a teenager living in New Mexico was taught by his parents to fear water out fear that his father Black Manta would find him. 158 more words


Young Justice Writer-Producer Needs YOUR Help!

Fans of Young Justice were jumping for joy months ago when it was officially announced a third season of the hit animated series was on the way. 253 more words

TV Series

The Roy of Lex

Young Justice Season 1, Episode 10


SUMMARY: Lex Luthor is targeted for assassination by The League of Shadows and it is up to Red Arrow to protect him and ensure that Lex can mediate the Rhelasian peace talks. 4,015 more words

Season 1