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IMR Episode 7: Revival Time


Chris and Sara dive deep into a recent Hollywood trend, reviving your favorite shows from the dead! (Sorry guys, Firefly is never coming back)

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Chris Sterling

Young Justice Season 2 REVIEW (SPOLIERS INCLUDED!!!)

ALRIGHT!!! Time to review this season. A very good one, might I ask. Nah, it was. Hello everyone, welcome to this review of Young Justice Season 2. 431 more words


Young Justice: Why YOU Should Watch It and Who Should Arrive in the Series Next?

Alright, the justice. Why is it young? Because it can, b***h!! Sorry, sorry! I got carried away. I watched the series a few weeks ago and fell IN LOVE!!!! 249 more words


Young Justice Season 1 REVIEW (SPOLIERS INCLUDED!!!)

Season 1 of this amazing series. Adventures, fun, characters? Oh man… I love watching this show!! Alright then, my Season 1 review. So Season 1 was setting up plots, characters, and the team. 323 more words



Synopsis: Dr. Desmond informs his bosses, known as The Light, that Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash broke into Cadmus and were captured after releasing “The Superboy”. 743 more words

6 Teen Heroes to Add to Young Justice Season 3

Young Justice is coming back for a third season, which is nothing short of a miracle! Cancelled shows just don’t come back to life a few years later. 908 more words


"Independence Day"

Synopsis: After battling various ice-themed villains, Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Flash bring their partners to the Hall of Justice. Green Arrow’s partner, Speedy, quickly reveals to Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad that the Hall is merely a front for tourists and that the Watchtower is the Justice League’s real base of operations. 597 more words