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Wedding Chronicles

Now that the semester has come to an end and my life has ONE less stressor in it….I can finally BREATHE…..well maybe not a complete inhale exhale cycle….more like a hyperventilated pass me a brown paper bag and an asthma pump type of breath. 983 more words


Of the one I never mention

I never mention you

I got a pair of blunt scissors and I cut you out


obliterated that you existed

until nobody, not even those who knew you well… 344 more words

Poem: Teen Romance


        Your books hide roses and pink cards,
        In your journals you draw big hearts.
                              Nights are special as you are alone,
                              Gleefully you both talk on the phone. 281 more words

Dude It's Just Shitty Poetry

You pin me on the black board thinking i could be yours

I pin u on these white sheets thinking u could be mine

But they don’t know no they don’t understand all of this was a plan… 96 more words


Committed Relationships vs One Night Stands: My Perspective

To start off I’ll begin with the statistics. This past year I have gotten with (kissed) 4 guys; only one of which (Patrick) was my ‘boyfriend’. 1,025 more words


7 days

Nothing’s been going on lately asides the anxiety i feel when you’re not near.

I’ve been alone in a box, sulking up the thoughts.

I’d picture you in my head because it was the only thing i could do to feel you. 41 more words


Stolen Moments


Was returned recently by way of fatherhood to that place,

Where youthful imagination was allowed to roam.

Too many blissful hours to even calculate.

Every inch covered by foot – or by fingertip. 95 more words

Andy Spradling