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Of hellos and goodbyes.

Hello?”, your shaky voice had said.
And that’s how it’d all begun.

My chest hurt, there was a lump in my throat,  and a growing constriction in my heart. 175 more words

Never Ever by McKynzi Baum

If there was one person I hated most, it was Grayson Walton. It wasn’t because he was a bully or that he hated me or even that we had history as children, it was actually the complete opposite. 3,066 more words


Like a Boss 99¢

When a girl meets tragedy the only person she can turn to is her boss.  When he doesn’t respond she uses the only thing she knows to win him over.  19 more words

"You're not gonna meet the love of your life at a bar"

Okay, so maybe or maybe not. Everyone is different. People approach the ones they’re attracted to in very different ways. People like me for instance will kinda just start talking to you no matter what. 1,032 more words



Wandering through this estate with it’s plush gardens

Fountains spewing water in elegant displays, ponds of humbling beauty

Traveling through the orchids of cherry trees, the smell of sweet cherries fills me up… 142 more words

Porch Moment

By Jessica Gregory

This poem was written in my sophomore year, and while I would love to do more work on it, I actually really love it as is! 333 more words



Erotica, romance and a plotline.  The ultimate read in interracial relationships and sex.  This book is filled with graphic sex that does not disappoint… 749 more words