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The Gold Haired Boy

The freedom of a slide excited the girl. The way the wind pushed her hair from her shoulders, and the temporary feeling of lightness surrounded her. 463 more words

Her Breakup, My Heartbreak

My roommate Becca* was broken up with a month ago. In a matter of hours, her ex-boyfriend Tim* went from flooding her iMessage inbox with sappy, saccharine pet names and ramblings of emotion to a sudden, curt: “We need to talk.” Even I was blindsided by Tim’s revelation that he needed to be alone, to work on himself. 1,611 more words


There She Was

I felt the heat of a thousand suns when I heard her frail voice…

And there she was, sat a few feet away from me, with those impressive brown eyes and her charming characteristic smile.

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Lost In You

Losing myself with every inch of your body and every millimeter of your existence, feeling as my soul was renewed quickly and gently.

When I look at those beautiful eyes that once looked at me too, with that innocent look of the two of us, getting lost in the beauty of your figure and the depth of your eyes.

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Those incredibly beautiful hypnotizing eyes are as beautiful as the one who bears them.

A wave of strangely familiar sensations overwhelms me repeatedly during the day, just when I think of you.

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22 Days In

When my husband (SC) first started courting me, he told me he didn’t want to get married or have kids. He waxed poetic about how the world is over-populated as it is and how marriage is just a contract that society forces on you. 917 more words

Summer Breeze, Part 2

We are both in denial for the first few weeks of the pregnancy. I recently started working at McDonald’s and my training is almost complete. But I find myself becoming nauseous first at the odors in the restaurant of frying onions and then just at the thought of going walking through those kitchen doors. 703 more words