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A Picture & Two Poems

Poetry, at least in large part, is about the sound.  Years ago I started a poem that consisted of words that just felt good when you said them.  118 more words


Let's Talk About Young Love For A Second

I, personally, have little no experience with relationships ergo I have no room to talk about relationships. Ok, that’s not true. I feel, as someone with so little experience, that I do offer a different perspective when viewing relationships. 444 more words


Unrequited love - 'But he doesn't like me back... Why doesn't he like me back?'

I watched a video yesterday by a relationship guru called Matthew Hussey. He’s hilarious, and made some really good points about the entire notion of unrequited love. 424 more words


Take me

I sat for hours staring at the moon,

Wishing that a miracle would hit on me soon,

I hoped for magic with wands and spells, 236 more words


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To Be Alone With You

Young love aspires to adventure. “To Be Alone With You” to (Moonrise Kingdom) vouches for that longing, mystical experience we all once had. 37 more words


In The Beginning #8 (and the last...)

Sometime the week after THAT DANCE and spending time over the weekend together I received a phone call from THE EX, Renee~she wanted to talk.  Something needed to be done about Kirk~he was going to keep playing the both of us if we let him.   683 more words


In The Beginning #7

It’s the first Friday of October 1989, it’s been over a month since Kirk said, “it’s not you, it’s me”.  

I get home from school and dad says he’s going to the city to the horse sale.   572 more words