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This Is Why Adolescent Love Is So Astounding

The capability during adolescence to fall in love is astounding. The idea that we as youths are infinitely less reserved and averted to the adoration of natural beauty is something recognizable as the delicate way the Earth works. 238 more words

I'm Looking for a Husband.

High school seniors are often described as immature and in-the-moment. But when I describe myself back then, it was self-aware and determined. I was known for knowing what I wanted. 801 more words


Perry Como It's Impossible




Just Another Handsome Devil Italian-American Singer




Perry Como



It’s Impossible is without question one of the most Beautiful Songs ever recorded. Sung by the incomparable Perry Como, this song was a huge Hit for Como in 1970. 222 more words

What Is Love?

Love Is An Adventure

It’s taking risks with your heart

It’s exploring all of your emotions

It’s allowing yourself to feel


It’s knowing that though nothing is guaranteed, … 58 more words


Infatuation, Lust & All The Good Stuff

What is love? We all have a different perception on what defines love.

Some say love is a feeling, some say it is a state of mind, but all in all it is a psychological necessity to love and be loved. 792 more words


10 Things I've Learned Being In A Long-Term Relationship In My 20's

In lue of the Day of Love – Valentines Day, I couldn’t help but think about how long my boyfriend and I have been together. At dinner, a girl asked us how long we’d been together, and was shocked when we both gleamed back 8 years. 1,463 more words