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Date a man that will buy you a pit bull shirt.

Usually my blogs are rants that are “too long” for Facebook statuses. I just have to publicly brag on my super sweet boyfriend for a second. 223 more words


On Why You Should Change for Your Man

“Don’t let anyone change you”

“Your partner should love you for who you are… as you are…”

“You can’t enter into a relationship with the idea of changing your partner… if you can’t love them as they are, then you don’t deserve them forever” 1,083 more words

Young Love

To the forgotten friend

It’s crazy how just a simple answer could kill everything else.
The feelings, the thoughts, the “what ifs” – gone.
It’s for the best, isn’t it? 66 more words

To The Friends

just friends

Thinking about Nate makes me want to cry. I had such a great friend in him, the type of friend who just listened when I needed someone to talk to. 124 more words


I Was Engaged For Only One Day

“We’re getting married this fall, so we figured getting a place now would alleviate some stress,” my then-boyfriend explained to a somewhat snide real estate agent. 928 more words

Through her

“I don’t miss you”

He told her…

She truly didn’t care but she listened.

“Because I knew that was it. So instead countless amount of times I make love to you through her, I hug you through her, I kiss you through her, I picture your face on hers, I treat her like I should have treated you. 39 more words

Life Is What You Make It♥

Mat Kearney - Just Kids: Music Review


Oregonian native singer-songwriter, Mat Kearney has made a lasting career in the last decade, releasing material that is well composed, diverse, and heartfelt. With a long extended play of EP’s and five full length albums, Kearney has had a lot of content to show for his creativity. 1,214 more words

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