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Review of Happily by Chauncey Rogers

If the shoe fits, wear it.
If it doesn’t, make it.

Laure is a teenage street urchin just trying to get away. Where the rest of the world sees an enchanting love story, Laure sees royal incompetence and an opportunity to exploit it.

570 more words

Lunch Money Loves

Lunch money loves.

Sharing your story. It’s sometimes like pulling a tooth. Painful but necessary.

I share my story, not for sympathy, but because it’s, somewhat frustratingly, necessary for my job. 1,074 more words


My Son is Smitten (Again)

My son, Noah the Ladykiller, is at it again. I don’t know where he gets it, but this kid is smooth with the ladies.  And when I say ladies I’m talking girls between the age of four and six.  696 more words

Lesson Learned

Never forget to remember - we all deserve love

This is way out of my usual scope, but a young lady I know has been having an emotional time after a relationship break-up. Break-ups are never easy. 304 more words


So after a millennium of being so busy with everything, from work and house repairs and some team buildings I’ve finally got to update my playlist. 1,292 more words

The Guy That Got Away.

The Guy That Got Away

I was so young, I can still remember the first day I met him. I met him through a family friend. 820 more words

197. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Friday, March 16th, 9:00pm
Hillary (and Sean)

Hillary sits at the window. Sean takes the seat beside her.

Sean: Hey.

Hillary: What? 132 more words