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I can honestly say that I love you. I love you and you say you love me. Sometimes I find myself asking this questions ” Do I really know what love is?”. 680 more words

Short Story Saturday-No Strings Attached: Charli and Tristan Part 2

Charli and Tristan: Things Have Changed

Charli’s mom decided that she was ready to move from the straight back and into a better house.  After looking for a short time, she had found one house but since Charli was not too enthused about it, the search continued.  1,183 more words



It started in January,

with the dry harmattan breeze

our love pushed the blankets away

our love was so warm we didn’t need sweaters

it was the beginning of a tale with a Disney ending… 283 more words

Is this really my life?🤔

Nearly a year into this “life” I never saw for myself and I still find myself shocked. Once upon a time, I turned my nose up at women who “held their men down” through what seemed to be a series of trials, bids, bitches and drama… “these bitches are stupid” I’d say to myself as i scrolled past their posts. 343 more words



​Your lips,

your tongue,
your skin beneath my love.

This moment freeze’s,
across the tideless season’s,
the Angel’s couldn’t divide this lust so seamless.

Fret not our dooming plot, 37 more words


admit this

My friend

It’s you

My Young Heart - Pt1: Candles

*As a disclaimer, this will be my dating series so read at your own risk. Names wont be given aside from Adams but if you knew me before my beardsome husband then – well you may know who these people are. 1,840 more words

Self Love