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For the alleged love of my life (Written in 2012)

I longed to return to the way things were —when it was just us against the world. Our solitary army taking arms against a sea of troubles. 726 more words

Irene's Journal


When I was little, I used to dream that I could fly.

Well, not fly,

but hover above the earth,

toes just skimming the carpet, 362 more words


Exit Stage Right

My eyes were the color of the sky

And my future was as bright as the day

My heart, yearned to play the part

You took my hand and led me on stage… 122 more words



You told me this more that my reluctance to leave you when you need left be is a burden on you. My dependency has become an issue…. 307 more words


What’s Not Fair About Tonight...

I understand you’re upset. I understand you’re stressed. I want to help you. You internalize it all and I don’t know how to help you when you do. 306 more words


Moment of Clarity.....

Before this journey, I’d heard about some men in prison being controlling of the women in their lives. I’ve even caught convos of other women who visit the same facility I do, speak about their man telling them to be home at a certain hour or getting upset when calls go unanswered. 1,062 more words