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Graphic Photos: ISIS Beheads 4 Syrian Young Men.

Warning: Graphic pictures are displayed.

A total of 4 young men was reportedly executed by the ISIS terrorists.

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Suburban Sunset

Warm summer sunset on the suburban street.


Ballpark Rain, The Day My Sweet Boy Became a Young Man

I am the mother at the baseball park you don’t want to sit next to. I won’t make small talk. I honestly don’t want to talk at all.  919 more words

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90χρονος πρώην Γερουσιαστής ετοιμάζεται να ξαναπαντρευτεί... με άντρα!


Ο πρώην γερουσιαστής της Πενσυλβανίας, Χάρις Γούφορντ (Harris Wofford), είναι έτοιμος να παντρευτεί έναν άνδρα 50 χρόνια νεότερο του, δύο δεκαετίες μετά το θάνατο της συζύγου του. 15 more words


A young man had his benefits sanctioned 'for being unshaven', according to a Glasgow foodbank.

Young Man Has Benefits Sanctioned ‘For Being Unshaven’ – Twitter Responds.

We are in need of razors at the moment… we had a young man here who had been sanctioned for being unshaven, so we like to include these!

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Unbelievable, will breathing be next.

Yes, Grant Hackett swims very, very fast. So what?

Strip away the window dressing and what you have is a pretty unremarkable, albeit sad, tale.

A young man with a talent for swimming very, very fast spends years training and working hard to compete at the Olympics where he wins gold and becomes a household name. 190 more words


13-Year-Old with Cancer Gets to Meet LeBron James!

CLEVELAND– A 13-year-old Wayne County boy’s dream came true Wednesday night when he met LeBron James.

Last month, Joey Leininger, an eighth grader at Norwayne Elementary School in Creston, was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. 92 more words