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He sways majestically from side to side.
Ball clutched tightly, in his arm held wide.

Light as a bubble carried on the wind.
Dodging and diving  as the game begins. 75 more words


Go East Young Man

Whimsical as it may sound, modern day Russia could offer a solution to an overpopulated overrun Western Europe. It is an answer that has served mankind for a millennium and more. 619 more words


The Gardener (Taboo M/M)

He had been watching the man for a while, in between pruning the petunias and spraying the weeds. It had become a compulsion, an addiction. He didn’t know why it fascinated him so, to see the young Adonis splayed out in the chair, but try as he might, he couldn’t help but watch. 787 more words


that dust filled day

blowing the shadows away from the ant hills
the raindrops
barking through the holes
uncovering the dirt
washing his hands
opening his face… 86 more words


Sickening torture caught on camera

A DISTURBING video has emerged of four women falsely accused of witchcraft being brutally tortured in Papua New Guinea.

The footage shows at least four naked women tied up, burned, and beaten while being prodded with hot wire and interrogated by a group of machete-wielding men. 268 more words