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POEM: Battle Road

Remember many years ago when you were just a young boy

And your only concern was candy, games, and toys?

You did not have a single care in this world, 312 more words


Day Off

Not sure about the title of this work. I wanted to express the labor theme inherent in the image. There is also the sense of powerlessness there is no escape. 10 more words

For Sale

Patrick in December

Oil on canvas

Another portrait this week. I continued to play around a bit with forcing a certain directionality to my brush strokes, similar to the previous portrait (Alex); however this one was with oils instead of acrylics. 16 more words



Its been a while. The upside to that is I have quite a few paintings stocked up I’m going to try and get in the habit of posting. 17 more words


When Once I was a Younger Man

When once I was a younger man

And thought so much I knew,

There really wasn’t anything

I didn’t know was true.

When once I was a younger man… 144 more words