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what do you do for fun?

Yes, a young man once asked me what I do for fun.  I replied, “I’ll tell you next time”.  The next time I see him I will say, remember you asked me what I do for fun?   72 more words

Young Man Beheads Elderly Man At His Farm For Money Ritual (See Photo)

The end of times is almost at us. That is what comes to mind after a young man in his 30s, identified as Terfa, beheaded an elderly man at his farm in Utonkon village, Otukpo, Benue State, according to Idoma Voice. 115 more words


From boy to young man

It is time to introduce you to a person more in the gallery of people that surrounds me. This Sunday he turned 17 years and I have been luck to have him in my life for about a decade, he is most likely the closed I will ever coming to having a child of my own. 142 more words


The wayfarer

He stands, with his back to the sun.                                                                                                                         He thinks about his home and what he’s left behind.

His family.

His dog.

The takes his weathered straw hat off and places it next to his heart.                                                     89 more words