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"Buddy Boy" And "Missy"

Recently one of my friends responded to an email from a colleague by addressing him as “buddy boy.”  It was the first time I’d heard that phrase in a while, and it was used perfectly, in line with the standards of my childhood. 344 more words


Asbestos in lungs of a Young Man

Austin Lacy, a senior at Pasadena high School in California, died in a Maryland hospital after battling mesothelioma cancer.

Abnormally young to be diagnosed with mesothelioma or any asbestos disease, Austin did not know what the cause of his symptoms was until just a few weeks ago. 11 more words

My Son!!

When I look at you I see a young man standing before me so strong and ready to conquer the world , but then when I look in those blue eyes I see that little boy that could melt my heart with just a tug on my leg looking up at me to pick him up and hold him and that smile you gave when I did just broke me I just never wanted to let you go , but I need to it’s time now , your grown and you are letting go you crave for that freedom to be you … all the dreams you hold in your heart there ready to explore. 44 more words

Subway Thoughts

Young Man-
You don’t know what you’ve been doing
with your black scarf and your lashes
so unaware you made my hour full
and that’s what is so powerful… 94 more words

{ you are my wild } From Boy to Young Man

The most incredible transformation has happened right before my very own Momma-eyes in the last year. Every time I tried to put pen to paper to write down my thoughts, I was overwhelmed with a sense of loss, and couldn’t continue. 813 more words

Davido & Tagbo: Photographer speaks on young man's death, shares a video

The mysterious death of a young man named Tagbo who happened to be Davido’s friend is attracting comments from Nigerians in the entertainment industry. 230 more words



The young man, the old man, met

Stones, skipping

the waters pooled, the stones reflected

her faces, puddled by the ripples

the moment gone, the stones sank, 161 more words