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Young Man On The Phone At Twilight

I think he is on the phone with his girlfriend, don’t you?


Davis Art Open Studio - a Success!

The past weekend 28 artists in Davis open up their studios for visitors and possible sales. This was the second year for me. And I realized after this weekend that it will a part of my art yearly event. 60 more words


From Another Year

With Dylan’s winning the Nobel Prize for Literature yesterday, I started looking around in my archives for something that felt like a song. Yeah. Sure. I have pictures of Dylan onstage and off, but everybody knows what he looks like. 915 more words

Ray Laskowitz

5 Tips for Dressing Sharp As A Young Man

Too many young men are starting their professional lives without a clue as to how to dress. This needs to change. Young men are the future leaders of society, and dressing sharp is the first step towards becoming a professional. 524 more words

Little fella no more 

My little fella turned 17 today.

At lunch, before we ate, he made a speech,”thanks for today. I know coming to a swim meet wasn’t how you wanted to spend your day, but I am happy I got to spend the day with my girls.” … 873 more words

I have been blessed with three boys...

I have been blessed with three boys…this is James, my eldest. He is 14 going on 40, well he has always been 40, he is one of those kids who is way too grown up before his time and was never really a child, he is a quirky young man, interested in computers, and like most his age spends too much time on one, but he loves using his hands, building and tinkering in his shed, and loves to look after our garden, this photo was taken after spending the morning in the garden, after purchasing a new brush cutter, our old one died after 13 years of intense work. 53 more words

Το μωρό στο εξώφυλλο του άλμπουμ «Nevermind» των Nirvana, μεγάλωσε


Θυμάστε το μωρό στο εξώφυλλο του «Nevermind» των Nirvana; Φυσικά και ναι. Αυτό το μωρό μεγάλωσε και για να γιορτάσει την 25η επέτειο από την ημερομηνία που κυκλοφόρησε το άλμπουμ, πόζαρε για άλλη μία φορά, κάτω από το νερό κυνηγώντας ένα δολάριο. 24 more words