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‘Justice Served’ is Independent Done the Right Way (Review)

Directed by: Marvin Young

Cast: Marvin Young, Lochlyn Munro, Lance Henriksen, Gail O’Grady

I’m always game to support a legitimately inspired micro-film. Justice Served… 563 more words


SLCR #276: I Love the 90s (March 30, 2017)

I can’t say that I love the 90s, really. The first four years were high school and let’s pretend that never happened. University was better, and there were various good times and new adventures and stuff, but I don’t look back at James aged 13-23 as being Prime Era James. 2,489 more words

Music Reviews: 1996-present

Prepare to See ‘Justice Served’ by Young MC!

An eclectic group of creative minds have come together to offer up what sounds like an unsettling little flick. We may not have heard much of… 281 more words


I Love the 90s: A Slice of My Childhood

Oh the ‘90s, how I look upon you with such fond memories. It has surely been a hot minute since the era when pop culture fashioned bold, geometric print clothing, Beanie Babies, … 1,134 more words

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80s Song Of The Day: 'Bust A Move' - Young MC

“So on the beach you’re strollin’ real high rollin’
Everything you have is yours and not stolen
A girl runs up with somethin’ to prove… 46 more words


Little Help?


May 1, 2000



Carrie was the most comfortable person I had ever been with up to this point in my life. 1,682 more words