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Beach Boys

Arms flung exuberantly high,

a quintet of bare-assed young men

shout and frolic on the beach,

ab and shoulder muscles rippling,

dark and blond hair flying… 15 more words

MMG's Gunplay With A Public Service Announcement For Young Men

I couldn’t have said it any better!  Men be men, and let’s mentor our young men!


Proverbs for Young Men to Live By (Letter 24)


Dear Y.B.M.:

Over the years, the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, has helped me with many practical things in this life. May I encourage you to read this book at least twice a year. 432 more words

Suspend Initiation into Manhood for 3 Years, Professor Says: Newsroom: Men in the Frame with Eben Jansen and Kopano Ratele

Suspend initiation schools into manhood for 3 to 5 years and think, says Professor in this video clip from Newsroom: Men in the frame, with Eben Jansen and Kopano Ratele. Watch.



A significant number of the men I see for counselling are heavy users of pornography. When this becomes a problem, when it explodes a relationship, for example, we normalize the issue by excising “pornography” and calling it an internet addiction. 457 more words

From The Counsellor

The Top 5 Weirdly Specific, Totally Irrational Fears and Phobias of an American Expat Living in Germany

We’re all afraid of something — spiders, heights, confined spaces — these are all common phobias. And while they scare the everloving shit out of me too, I have an… 2,300 more words


Boys… Here's to you! Honouring men on their sexual journey.

This week, I wanted to take a moment and thank all my male readers! I am so excited to have an increasing number of you coming to my site (no pun intended). 551 more words