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Playing Tennis Against Some Troublemakers

I had some more dreams last night that I remembered part of, but I forgot them after I went back to sleep without voice recording them so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream. 694 more words

Dream Journal

The Streets Of Jinotaga-Football

Every evening before dark, a group of young men play football in front of my house. They are nice lads. Friendly. I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors. 71 more words


Designing for Boys


I have never designed piece of art that specifically targeted for boys and wanted to accept a challenge.  For this article my target audience was for boys between the ages of 12-13 just coming into young men’s and starting to read more about the temple.   412 more words


Old women not depending on their status with young men not depending on their status.

Okay this going to be mostly mature talk with immature talk also. We see older women with younger men and you wonder why this happens or if there a reason behind it or is just a love/crush affair happening. 596 more words


The Things We Don't Teach Men (And How It Ruins Everything)

The world fails men.

We fail everyone, but we fail men in particular. And that failure leads to a countless number of men—some incredibly smart, talented, strong, brave, and decent men—achieving positions of influence where they inevitably perpetuate the cycle of collectively failing men, and by proxy, all of the women and children in their sphere of influence. 1,659 more words

Never Have I Ever Felt Beautiful

Never have I ever felt comfortable in the body I have. As a child, I had an expectation to grow up and become as beautiful as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and all these other ladies I grew up watching on television. 309 more words

Aphorisms on Pornography

I’ve written this as a list of aphorisms, without the traditional scholia. I figure that’s what the comment section is for. 1,383 more words