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Pregnancy and Skincare: Coconut Oil (God) 

Ah, the beautiful coconut. The kind of smell that makes you want to relax into a beach towel on the shores of Fiji with your head in a book and your toes in the sand, makes you hum the tune to Escape (the Pina Colada song) while actually drinking coconut water because you’re too broke and too pregnant to be drinking Pina coladas, and the kind that reminds you of that self tanning lotion everyone used to buy in high school and wear to school because it smelled good. 472 more words


A positive mindset - a positive day 

So first of all, I want to apologise for how depressing my last post was. Last night, when I was writing it, that was how I truly felt. 1,478 more words


Feeling lonely. 

So what do you do when you feel like you absolutely can’t take it anymore? When things feel so damn tough and you don’t know if you can even find the strength to fight through the tough times? 1,229 more words


Bump Update: Week 16

We’ve had a bit of a party bump this week! Saturday night was my good friend Libby’s 21st in the city, so we got all dolled up and I treated myself to three raspberry lemonades, which funnily enough I had to specify to the bar tender that I required them  433 more words


Seven Weeks Pregnant

I’m going to start with a run on from my last post.

I went to an ultrasound alone, so I could get an idea of the dates and where this pregnancy was at. 572 more words


It's A New Day...

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new life, for meeeeeee … And I’m feeling goooood 🎶

What a difference a day makes. I’m not cured, a million miles from it BUT I have spoken out and have created something. 629 more words

My body hates being pregnant 

My name is Brandi, and If you are reading this and have no idea who I am, then I am a nearly 20 year old stay at home/work from home mother to nearly 2 little girls! 658 more words