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The crunch

It was around when my baby was six months when i decided to go back to school. I had underestimated how hard it was to study when one has a child, by day student and by night parent. 513 more words

Young Parent

New one

Having a new baby to care for is where the reality of being a parent sinks in and that where most people get frustrated and as mentioned before where majority get post-natal depression. 397 more words


Twenty Four Weeks Pregnant

28th October 2016

Another week, another update. Right?

I cannot describe the feeling of utter relief that I feel after knowing that everything is okay with this little nougat. 493 more words



I am a parent of two beautiful girls. I had them both in my late teens. It was a very rough start for me as I didn’t have a clue about being a parent and I was in the middle of high school at the time I got pregnant. 490 more words


I am that person that enjoys a declutter and spring clean. Any excuse to clear out and I’m on it. January os always perfect as we can clear out outgrown toys, dusty books and stuff that just isn’t used anymore. 650 more words

Young Mothers

Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

21st October 2016

I finally got to go to my follow-up anatomy scan this week! Usually, you only get two or three ultrasounds throughout your whole pregnancy. 748 more words


It's All About Me!

Actually less true words have never been spoken. I have a 2 year old and a “bun in the oven”- it couldn’t be less about ME if I tried! 513 more words