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Dear My Unplanned Baby

I knew you were there from 3 weeks. I ran to the supermarket and pretty much bought all of the pregnancy tests that were on the shelf. 833 more words


Baby Experts - you are not an expert on my baby

So, is it just me, or have other new parents been surprised by the amount of ‘Baby Experts’ that have been masquerading as general friends and family? 587 more words



When you’re pregnant it’s important to make sure you stay as calm as possible throughout your pregnancy. Your blood pressure should be regulated and it’s considered dangerous if it’s at a high level constantly. 685 more words

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update 

Hello everyone !

This Wedneaday I am 24 weeks along In my pregnancy so I have officially reached 6 months, technically you are pregnant for 10 months so that means I have roughly 4 more months until my due date, that’s scary. 440 more words


Resentment and a Lack of Control

During my journey of becoming a wife and a mother, I’ve had to put a lot of things on hold. Which to me is giving up a lot of control on my life. 334 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge! (Day 11)

Put your iPod on shuffle and write down 10 songs that come up…

I don’t have a iPod, however I have an iPhone so I will use that… 79 more words

First Time Mum

Slow Cooked Banana Bread & A Punctured Lung

OK – wow – so my next quest for silver linings came far sooner than I would have thought.

The biggest one loves downhill mountain biking. 1,058 more words