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Slow Cooked Banana Bread & A Punctured Lung

OK – wow – so my next quest for silver linings came far sooner than I would have thought.

The biggest one loves downhill mountain biking. 1,058 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge! (Day 6)

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself..

  1. I am British, although 1/3 of me is french!
  2. Due to an event that happened in my family’s history (nearly 90 years ago), my maiden name shouldn’t actually be Clapham….It should be Burgier (pronounced ‘bru-shee-ay’ – it’s french).
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All About Me

The Perfect Parent?

What makes me the perfect parent to my babies?

I am a mum. Not even a first time mum I am a mum of two beautiful babies and I still don’t know if I am doing it right. 569 more words

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Overheard Conversations

I am quite a nosey person. In my old bar/waitress job my boss and fellow workers would laugh and say I just needed five minutes with a table filled with customers to find out their life stories. 472 more words


Feeling the Isolation

One of the frustrating things about becoming a mother at a young age, is that nobody else is in the same mindset as you. Everyone else is off studying, working and going out every weekend. 473 more words


Reflections: My Pregnancy

I highly respect and admire all women who found their pregnancy to be the most wonderful, beautiful experience of their life, however, I did not. 519 more words


Reflections: My First Lesson

I’ve had many things happen in my life, some major events, some minor. Each has played a part in moulding me into who I am today, and events that are yet to occur will continue to grow me throughout life. 368 more words