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Summer lover or Winter lover? Here's why I dislike summer.

We all know that the past few weeks the heat in the UK has been ridiculous with highs of 21 degrees. I myself know that when it comes to the heat it’s a big no from me I’m afraid, I would much rather cuddle up on the sofa with my boy and a hot chocolate watching soaps/movies or if Jake has it his way then it’s blaze and the monster machines! 696 more words

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This isn't goodbye forever.

Hello there grandad its me your little girl, I couldn’t find you yesterday when I came to visit nan, She says to me that you’ve only left the room, you haven’t gone away but I really miss you grandad and all the games we use to play. 298 more words

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What’s in my nappy/diaper bag?

Bonjour lovely readers….

How are we all doing today? What a hectic day I’ve had. I had a tooth filling fall out which caused me a ton a pain which resulted in me having to have an emergency appointment. 1,195 more words


Like Mother like Son. Who says mother & son can't match?

Why is it that if you type into google then you will only see pictures of mother & daughter or father & son matching outfits? what about us single mums with little boys? 313 more words

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Jake's 24 Month Update.

Yep that’s right Jake is now 2 years old! How is that possible?
On the 14th of May 2018 we celebrated Jake’s 2nd birthday! He’s absolutely obsessed with ‘Blaze & the monster machines’ as well as ‘jcb’s, Thomas the tank engine & cars’. 287 more words

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Don't just make an assumption!

via Daily Prompt: Assumption

Doesn’t it get on your nerves when people just make an assumption about you without no evidence?.

I had my daughter when I was only 17 so I was a young mum and I could always see the judging eyes of people making assumptions about me being a bad mum who doesn’t work! 166 more words


Just because I'm a young mum?!

Being a young mum in todays society is so hard isn’t it?

I was 17 years young when I had my beautiful baby daughter and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! 440 more words