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So, none of your friends have kids eh?

I know that feeling and it can SUCK! There are some major perks, don’t get me wrong. Most of our friends adore Matthew and think he’s the cutest little guy ever and that’s awesome. 325 more words


REVIEW: The essential baby and toddler show 2015

So, how essential was the essential baby and toddler show?

Read on and you’ll know what you may miss out on this passing weekend in Melbourne. 994 more words


Parenting as a Full-Time Student: The Reality

Being a young parent is often something that is looked down on or frowned upon, and from the minute we hear of another young girl that’s pregnant or a young boy who’s about to become a father we can hear the complaints from a mile away, usually something along the lines of “They’ve ruined their lives!” But this isn’t always the case, in fact it rarely every is. 1,085 more words


Controversial Parenting 

Recently a young mum and her daughter caught my eye while I was walking through my local town.

The mother was no older than 20, and she had white blonde and bright blue dip-dyed hair tied up in a messy bun. 736 more words

Benefits of having children young

About a year ago Bo and I featured in ‘Fabulous Magazine’ (in the Sun) with an article titled ‘The Traditionalists’. Basically, it was about an apparently ‘growing band of women’ who are choosing to get married and have children before embarking on their career. 543 more words


NO.10 - Getting Married At 20

When I was engaged, my uncle said something to me which made me reflect on many things. After asking (again) how old I was (19) he told me, “my mum already had three children when she was your age!” 617 more words


Dear Mother Over There with Your Coffee and Sh*tty Attitude…

To the Mother who’s sitting with her group of friends judging me with your coffee, whilst your son pushes and bullies other children.

But you haven’t even noticed this because your too self-absorbed judging me and nattering away with your pals. 929 more words