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I haven’t written in ages. .. so firstly my apologies for that. There are 2 main reasons for my lack of word vomittting. 1) who has the time for this blogging shit?! 709 more words

• year one, part I •

From the moment you find out you are pregnant for the first time, to the day your first born turns one, it is a massive roller coaster of a journey and you will learn so much a long the way! 1,099 more words

New Mum

My Saturday night. 

I’m 19 years old, picking my favourite outfit and getting all dressed up to look amazing; time to go out and have fun. Let do this! 454 more words


Young mum sterotypes.

As I’m sure I have mentioned about 100 times now, I am a “Young mum” but in my brain I am just a mum ( all be it a mum who looks like a spotty teenager). 736 more words


• mirror mirror on the wall •

Self esteem and body image is a subject that affects majority of people in this world, both men and women alike. I know I can honestly say that it has played a huge part in my life ever since I can remember, I think it started in late primary school. 1,287 more words

New Mum

Sheer Shame

Sheer Shame

After the initial shock, I began to feel utterly ashamed I had let myself fall pregnant in the first place. I felt there was just no excuse. 372 more words

Mummy, daughter gardening 

Spring is here and it is fabulous!

Lily and I have been growing a small plant we received as part of an activity box a few months ago and she loves it. 326 more words