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Controversial Parenting 

Recently a young mum and her daughter caught my eye while I was walking through my local town.

The mother was no older than 20, and she had white blonde and bright blue dip-dyed hair tied up in a messy bun. 736 more words

Benefits of having children young

About a year ago Bo and I featured in ‘Fabulous Magazine’ (in the Sun) with an article titled ‘The Traditionalists’. Basically, it was about an apparently ‘growing band of women’ who are choosing to get married and have children before embarking on their career. 543 more words


NO.10 - Getting Married At 20

When I was engaged, my uncle said something to me which made me reflect on many things. After asking (again) how old I was (19) he told me, “my mum already had three children when she was your age!” 617 more words


Dear Mother Over There with Your Coffee and Sh*tty Attitude…

To the Mother who’s sitting with her group of friends judging me with your coffee, whilst your son pushes and bullies other children.

But you haven’t even noticed this because your too self-absorbed judging me and nattering away with your pals. 931 more words


Breast may be "best" but stop with the guilt trip because breastfeeding isn't easy

As a young mum; I really had no idea about breastfeeding and I really had not given it much thought whilst I was pregnant. I thought “yeah I’ll do that, looks easy enough.”  I think my parents and people around me just assumed I would breastfeed because i was constantly told its “best”. 1,077 more words


How would you feel about that?

I have never had food poisoning (or vomit virus of any kind) in my entire life. Why is it that it happens when I am 19 weeks pregnant and mothering a toddler? 384 more words

Mum Life

Child neglect in Australia and things we can do to stop it

The level of child neglect in Australia is ridiculous in my opinion. I’m not sure if i just didn’t notice before I had my son; but i feel like every week I hear an appalling case of an innocent child being neglected or abused in the news. 1,424 more words