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Mama's Gone Wild

Very strange for me to decide to start a blog at 22.54am on a Friday but it is what it is. Hi, my name is Q and I’m first and foremost a young mother. 59 more words


Our first holiday!

As I am soon to be heading back to work in August, Tom and I arranged to visit my family in Wales in July (last week). 1,331 more words

Young Mum

Part B: life as I know it

Last day at work was finally decided for the 15th of July which meant I would be 38w&1d. I didn’t want to stop working but I knew I was travelling into a dead end and eventually I was going to have to stop working be it a choice of mine or not… Well the plan to finish work on the 15th was interrupted because on Saturday I started to get dizzy and headachey which since then has progressed to feeling shaky, weak, very tired and sweaty. 1,308 more words


I don’t know if it is a little girls thing or children in general, but Lily’s room is overflowing with clothes, in particular, dresses. They’re just everywhere and taking up so much room, but I love every single one. 448 more words

Young Mothers

Don't put baby in the corner!

You hear all kinds of advice whilst pregnant and during the first few weeks of parenthood, my advice fuck it all you will learn along the way, most importantly YOUR way! 1,098 more words

Young Mum

Introductions and explanations

So I mainly decided to start this as just an additional space to put my thoughts and feelings out there.

This means that I’ll be covering a range of topics and my opinions on them, but some grounds I will more than likely be covering will be: weight and body positivity, LGBTQ+ issues, mental health, pregnancy and parenting (more specifically, being a young mother), parenting with a step parent/being a step parent, a small amount about long distance relationships, and more than likely a fair amount of rambling about my cats. 300 more words

General Ramblings

No family, no cry!

Having a baby is tough, having your first baby is tougher, having your first baby living 4+ hours from ‘home’ is the toughest. I am originally from Pembrokeshire in Wales and I now live in Milton Keynes, ALL of my family are still in Wales. 847 more words

Young Mum