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First haircut 

13 Months and 19 Days… That’s the correct term isn’t it?
When people ask how old my son is I always feel awkward and just say “One”, I feel like this because there are so many people I have come across that get annoyed when you say my child is “13 months old”. 252 more words

Mums Life


So in this post is a whole post on ME!, With a twist…
This post is a get to know more about my favourite things beginning with each letter!. 576 more words

Young Mum

Caelen | Three Months Old

I thought I would keep up this ‘better late than never’ theme going by writing Caelen’s “I’m three months old!” update two months late. I mean, I wouldn’t want to actually write things  860 more words


My ICP Pregnancy

I walked into 2017 with my life long wishes came true – I was pregnant! Although me and my partner were living 2 hours away from each other, we managed to come to an agreement and he has now moved to be with me and baby – who’s still yet to arrive! 982 more words

Clucky or Crazy?

I’ve recently discovered that I can’t walk past a baby (or even a small child under the age of 6) without stopping completely in my tracks and proceeding to “ooh” and “aah” as they toddle past.  493 more words

Blogging with a Baby

Right now, my son is lying on his change mat with his bare booty in the air. I have four minutes (at best) before he realises that he’s half-naked and can pee everywhere. 670 more words


Friday 30th June 🙋🏻


THIS AFTERNOON- Coping with a baby and dieting… yes, at the same time! 😩