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Welcome to a page of reality and honesty. Please leave all preconceived ideas at the door and wipe your feet before entering.

I solemnly swear, to tell the truth and nothing but the truth on this blog. 294 more words


A young mum's dream

I am a young mother of two.  I endure endless piles of laundry and dishes.  I tiptoe around when the kids are sleeping.  I’ve become a dab hand at changing nappies. 92 more words


The Most Important Lessons learned Since Becoming a Mum of Two.

1. All babies really are different. Don’t let anyone tell you whats normal (except your pediatrician guys)

2. Mum actually does know best, evolution made sure of that. 620 more words

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I Love Being Mum

In my previous post I mentioned how I wrote a piece on being a mum, on theexperienceproject.com but deleted my account.  Well, it’s something I feel is worth writing and sharing again. 324 more words


So, none of your friends have kids eh?

I know that feeling and it can SUCK! There are some major perks, don’t get me wrong. Most of our friends adore Matthew and think he’s the cutest little guy ever and that’s awesome. 325 more words


REVIEW: The essential baby and toddler show 2015

So, how essential was the essential baby and toddler show?

Read on and you’ll know what you may miss out on this passing weekend in Melbourne. 995 more words


Parenting as a Full-Time Student: The Reality

Being a young parent is often something that is looked down on or frowned upon, and from the minute we hear of another young girl that’s pregnant or a young boy who’s about to become a father we can hear the complaints from a mile away, usually something along the lines of “They’ve ruined their lives!” But this isn’t always the case, in fact it rarely every is. 1,085 more words