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The 3 Pillars Project: a course set to revolutionise rehabilitation

 Rugby and military discipline – the keys to rehabilitation? 

Could a combination of rugby and military discipline be the keys to the rehabilitation of both adult and young offenders?   920 more words


Prisons in Parliament

HMP Kennet next to close announces Gove 

HMP Kennet, Merseyside, is the next “ageing and ineffective” prison to face to axe, Michael Gove announced last week. 183 more words


Artful Dodgers, Juvenile Delinquency

As we know from Oliver Twist, an ‘Artful Dodger’ is a young boy who would roam the streets committing small crimes such as petty theft. Probably not as exciting as the Dodger we all know and love from Dickens’ tale, there was a lot of inspiration from these boys when creating the character himself as well as Fagan’s gang. 348 more words

Youth custody facilities concern Saskatchewan Children's Advocate

From too much bread to fill up hungry teens to too many transfers, the province’s child watchdog is concerned about Saskatchewan’s treatment of its youngest prisoners. 507 more words


Dickens, Magwitch and Pip

Looking at Great Expectations, which was written episodically by Charles Dickens from 1860 to 1861, I have decided to close in on the sentencing of Magwitch and explore the narrator’s thoughts and feelings at this stage. 408 more words



On Wednesday night, legendary Irish band Stiff Little Fingers took on The Gov with the help of Meatbeaters and Young Offenders and here’s the photos to prove it. 44 more words


Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Welcome to the first Paws for Progress CIC blogpost of 2016

Lacey is looking for a new home: http://rescuedogs.org.uk/staffie-smiles

Shiloh is looking for a new home: … 1,412 more words