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Date with the Mayor

I had every intention of waking up early this morning to make myself presentable for my date (meeting) with the mayor of the 5th arrondissement but as I was cruelly pulled from the depths of slumber I realised I had slept in by 40 minutes and looking presentable was not longer a luxury I could afford. 479 more words


Firstly let me apologise for my absence from the blogosphere. The reason for this being that I had a fairly average week of going to work, coming home and doing not a lot else. 776 more words

Fighting to Make It Count

The mood of Belle and Sebastian’s album If You’re Feeling Sinister pretty much sums up how I have been feeling recently—a dark stormy day that makes you want to wear sweat pants paired with chunky knitted shirt and bury yourself under the sheets, when in reality, it’s 38 degrees outside, birds are chirping and there’s little to no chance of downpour. 652 more words


Make It Happen

So most of my last couple blogs have been about relationships, sex, or some kind of combination of the two. This week I’ve decided to show you the other Syd (hence the name Taleof2Syddies) and talk about how I set personal goals. 473 more words


Finding My Road To Success

When I decided to attend Drake University, I thought I had my life all figured out. I planned on going to school for an accounting degree.That was what I felt like I could succeed in because I had always enjoyed math. 247 more words

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