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3. Going Cold Turkey on Property

After the failings of the first house viewing I was ready for a couple of weeks away from house hunting. It was November and the whole world was gradually gearing itself for the hype of Christmas, so much so I wondered if it was a sign from God that houses were not to be considered when you have fifty clients screaming for their branded posters. 755 more words


I Want it Now!

By: Shea Harris

Here lately I’ve been really trying to calm my nerves. Every time God presents me with an idea, I’m ready to jump into it right then and there. 518 more words


My Daily Bag: Young Pro

Prompt #13: What’s in your purse?

There have been a lot of “what’s in your bag” blogs before. And it’s useful to read these blogs especially made for specific niches, let’s say, if it’s for a traveller, a mom with a toddler, a college student, a mountaineer, or in my case, an office worker. 384 more words

Creative Writing

Life post-marathon + rainy running highs + we are the Broad City gals + must watch this documentary

Hey you guys :). What a week it’s been. I always think things will calm down after big races, but life doesn’t work that way, doesn’t it? 705 more words


20 Reads for Your Twenties

Hello Friends! This list was adapted from books that I have previously read and others that have been recommended to me. These books are full of awe-inspiring tales, motivation, heartbreak, and determination for women in their twenties. 884 more words

Inside the DC bubble.

Wow. My first three weeks here have gone so fast. And they were so busy there was no time for blogging – or even answering mails. 328 more words


An Intuitive, Empathic Wordsmith

Many of my friends aren’t sure what I’m actually doing for a living. Most thought I’d be handling a corporate job. Then there are others who think I’d pursue illustration, which I was a huge fan of just a decade ago. 560 more words

Heart To Heart