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The Habit Loop In Practice

Recently I decided to start using the app “One Second Everyday”.  It has been a fun addition to my routine, but there is one huge problem – I always forget to do it! 394 more words

Young Professional

How Did I Get Here?

I don’t believe that we can understand right now without understanding what came before it. A thousand trees have lead me to this place, and a thousand bouts of deep laughter. 722 more words

Simply put, a vlog is a video blog.

Ok, that’s all, thanks for reading!

Wait, what? No, not quite. There’s a bit more to it than that. 358 more words

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Public Relations: The 411 on Year 1

I am about a year and a half out of college (that feels weird to say) and I am slowly but surely working my way towards the no-longer-entry-level status in the work world. 1,398 more words


Summer Work Reflection

To be transparent, starting an internship after graduation was not my ideal situation. I can’t help it, I wanted the full-time job with great benefits. But since moving into a different role I’ve realized how much I still needed to learn, and why a post-grad internship was a great jumping off point for me. 607 more words


No Longer Taboo; Speaking Out on World Mental Health Day

Did you know that nearly twenty percent of the US population has a diagnosed mental illness? For World Mental Health Day, we conducted e-interviews with three young professional women in that twenty percent. 2,889 more words

Young Professional

Moving In or Out? The Reality of Staying Home and Commuting

This post is a part of our special personal finance series, Moving In or Out? Young people are faced with mounting student debt and high costs of living, which affects the decision to move out. 727 more words