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Young Professional Spotlight: Steve McKay

Steve McKay

Occupation: Mortgage Agent / Musician / Venue Manager at St. John the Evangelist

Industry: Finance

Find Me At: personalmortgage.ca, rockonlocke.ca, @SteveathePMG… 796 more words


Unemployed & Hungry for a Change

Hello friends,

I did the craziest thing on Friday. I quit my job. I literally walked in on Friday to resign from my position and I don’t recommend anyone just quitting without a two weeks notice, but never in my life have I felt more liberated. 345 more words

Dc Blogger


Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are so glad you all came to join us on Doctor | Mrs and excited about the journey we are about to take. 664 more words


How to Find your Career Path

Dear CoachFaith, I’m a fresh graduate, I majored in Business Education (Accounting Option) in one of Nigeria’s foremost University. I am someone who believes in making a difference and not just earning a pay. 1,288 more words

Job Search

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Learned Earlier in My College Career

As this past week led up to graduation, I reflected back over my college career and how much I’ve grown and developed over the last four years. 843 more words

Grown Up Things

As I sit here with heavy eyelids and slightly shaking hands at work on a Friday texting several other friends who are perhaps even more nauseous than I am, I can’t help but wonder, will there be a day when I’m “too old” to be hungover at work? 489 more words

Young Professional

Factors To Consider When Choosing Online Degrees

Dear CoachFaith, How are you? I need your take on this! I work in a oil service company, in the Business Development Unit – basically Marketing! 552 more words