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Today...... Today I'm Not Okay

I’m sitting at the 2 year, 2 month plus mark.  I’m feeling like I’ve taken a giant leap back approximately 2 years and 2 months.  TODAY I’M NOT OK. 447 more words


It's Not You, It's Me..... Oh Wait..... Maybe It Is You

You’ve been warned…… this is a venting post!!

When Daniel died, I knew that there would be some relationships/friendships that wouldn’t survive his not being here.  504 more words


I Was (Not) The Fun Parent

I’ve changed as a person since Daniel passed…. Some of the changes good, some probably not so good.  I’m still trying to figure out who I am without him physically beside me.  771 more words


I'm Selling Our Home...... Destination Unknown

It’s a heartbreaking thing to realise the house that has been your family home for close to 10 years is making you depressed.

I’ve suspected this for a little while, perhaps even a few months now.  450 more words


With This Ring.... Hidden In My Back Pocket

At 19 our engagement ring adorned my hand.  At 21 my wedding ring was added.  For 18 and a half years I have worn a ring on my ring finger and have never imagined I would want to hide it.  347 more words


Two Years.... Forever and One Second

I’ve struggled with this piece.  It’s been on my mind for over two weeks now and I haven’t been able to sit and write it because doing so means that I really have to acknowledge it…… we’ve past the 2 year mark. 1,216 more words


One Year Anniversary.... Just Call Me Crazy

The one year mark was approaching and I thought…..

We should have a party….. it’ll be fun!  Yes, FUN!

One month out and that crazy thought popped into my head and I didn’t stop to think, I just acted.   832 more words