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Grief Tantrums..... A Peak Behind Our Closed Doors

Two nights ago I lay on my bedroom floor curled in the foetal position, shaking uncontrollably, sobbing like nobody’s business, after I chastised Miss Boo for taking $2 to school to buy a drink.   815 more words


Time Changes Everything, But Nothing

Once only in the past 22 months has the 5th of the month passed without me realising it.  My husband passed away on the 5th of September, but regardless of what month it is, the 5th has haunted me.   837 more words


Am I Really Just Faking It?!

I’m not normally one for faking it.  But damn if I didn’t realise that I think I really am just faking this!

I’ve been pondering the idea that I’m really just going through the motions most days of the week.   429 more words


This Grief Journey..... Walking It Your Own Way

I debated reading Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘the first 30 days’ (since her husband passed away) post.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t know if I could.   401 more words


I am.... Widow Strong

I have a love/hate relationship with the W word, because….. well, let’s be honest, shall we.  I’m 37 – how could I possibly be a… 487 more words


Letting Box go

The prospect of interring your spouse is a bit like being asked to sleep with Prince Charles. In a way, it should be a great honour, but you’d give anything not to have to do it. 325 more words

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Survival of the Unfittest

I’ve never been much of a sportswoman.

The subs bench of the netball team was about as far as my career in Phys. Ed. went – shoved reluctantly on court when the regular Wing Defence was off playing first team hockey. 306 more words

Grief Loss And Bereavement