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Dancing With Your Ghost

“I have blisters on my feet from dancing alone with your ghost”
– Tyler Knott Gregson

As the days turned to weeks, then months and eventually years, I’ve slowly learned how to cope with and manage my grief. 208 more words


Finding My Sunshine

So therapy lasted 3 sessions.  After my first, I left thinking yes, she gets it, this is what I’ve been missing.  I felt raw and so exposed.  790 more words


Just Holding On.....

I started therapy yesterday.

I’ve been in a bad place and I’ve spent more time these last few months living in the dark than I have seeing any light.  849 more words


Shimmers of Light and Holding On.....

Remember the board game snakes and ladders that you played as a kid – and sometimes as a big kid?!  Well that’s how I would describe my emotional state these last few weeks.  541 more words


A Letter To My Husband..... As I Open His Ashes

22 March 2016

My Daniel,

For more than 2.5 years they have sat on a shelf and haunted me.  Haunted me because of the guilt associated with not knowing what to do with them. 407 more words


Wait There Baby

“Wait there baby”

Three little words.

Words that would become the last text message that I received from Daniel.

I’m still waiting…..

I know he’s not coming back, I understand that completely. 33 more words


Life..... Embracing Our Second Chances

Many weeks after Daniel died, Miss Boo (then 8) said,

“You know what Mummy?  I wish Daddy got a second chance at life. I wish we all got a second chance at life.” 591 more words