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The Real Days of Single Parenting After Suicide

I remember the moment I realized that from here on out I was all alone.  I was walking down the stairs, my children needed attention, and I felt heavy and tired.   1,422 more words

One skip at a time

This past week at the gym has been all about goal setting and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Paul would always describe himself as ‘goal-orientated’ and evidence of this was everywhere. 734 more words

Duty free wife

It was at Heathrow airport that I cried for the first time while in duty free. No, it wasn’t out of trolley rage. It wasn’t because the EasyJet bastards had charged me for not printing my boarding card. 531 more words


Half way between a fuck and lots of lesbians

So I’m being quiet because I am on hols with madre in Madrid. I fear writing a blog post of any of my usual lesbian widow substance will either make me really horny or make me cry. 186 more words


Travelling sans nagging wife

Wife was an explorer. She was an adventurer. She was a lover of luxury hotels. She was stingy. She was organised. She was meticulous. She made the most of every last minute of holiday even if that meant getting off the plane and going straight into the office from the airport, still in hiking boots complete with remnants of gorilla poo on the bottom (true story). 581 more words


"You must feel invincible now that you've survived cancer....",

said someone very nice to me a little while ago. Erm. No. I don’t actually. I feel quite the opposite. Scarred. And scared. Bruised and frightened. 415 more words

Mustn't let the bikini wax go to waste

I had mentally and physically prepared myself last week for having sex with Boy Widower. Yes. A lesbian widow and a man widower.  Since I first kissed him, and following lots of enjoyable messaging, the question marks over my sexual orientation have been abundant and worrying me.  395 more words