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Bizarre bonds

So there’s this thing that happens in Montgomery every several weeks and there’s a siege of new people who come for officer school at the military base. 446 more words


It is time to get planting in the garden so this afternoon B and I dug our allotment. It is literally true that we both dug, but while I cleared a patch about six feet square of weeds, B dug in a downward direction a large hole which he explained was “in case of baddies”. 614 more words

A Letter To My Husband..... As I Open His Ashes

22 March 2016

My Daniel,

For more than 2.5 years they have sat on a shelf and haunted me.  Haunted me because of the guilt associated with not knowing what to do with them. 407 more words


Wait There Baby

“Wait there baby”

Three little words.

Words that would become the last text message that I received from Daniel.

I’m still waiting…..

I know he’s not coming back, I understand that completely. 33 more words



So to the future and B and I have a new campervan. As usual there is a link to Lynda. In her last summer, which was the summer of the London Olympics, she bought a Fiat camper for us to use, and was totally thrilled by it. 487 more words

Pictures are falling

I’ve made the decision to start removing pictures of George from my apartment. I did it about 2 weeks ago when my parents were in town. 290 more words

Life..... Embracing Our Second Chances

Many weeks after Daniel died, Miss Boo (then 8) said,

“You know what Mummy?  I wish Daddy got a second chance at life. I wish we all got a second chance at life.” 591 more words