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Dealing with Deployment

My heart has been heavy, like an anchor keeping me in a perpetual state of worry. I’m making a career change, and I’ve been offered a few jobs but nothing I can see myself truly embracing. 432 more words

May 22nd. Just another day

Today I hit a wall. My mom was late to come over and pick up Tucker and I have been somewhat overwhelmed because he’s teething again… (He’s teething 4 teeth at the moment and he’s cranky. 726 more words


If I told you "your prayers were answered" would you be offended?

There is this stigma around widowhood… Well there is a lot of stigma around widowhood and for good reason but the specific reasons I’m talking about are the ones that apply to my story not someone else’s. 172 more words


The "thing" I knew was coming

It’s been maybe 7 weeks sense Brett passed; and things seem to be slowing down like I expected them to. The weather is getting better and people in my community are getting busier. 956 more words


Returning to Food Writing

George and I used to maintain a food blog called George and Julia Eat Manhattan. We also transitioned to George and Julia’s Vegan Underground as we took on a new dietary lifestyle. 247 more words

I'm Not a Damsel to be Rescued

“I ain’t afraid to love a man. I ain’t afraid to shoot him either.”
― Annie Oakley

A year ago I was blindsided by a blow that destroyed me… for a time. 667 more words

Six Years Later

Soon I’ll have had my husband longer as a memory than real life. I think if it weren’t for the photos, his face would eventually fade from memory. 630 more words