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Too little TIME...

As i sit and look at this picture, i remember exactly when it was taken. Chicago. 2010. Little did i realize that i would stumble upon it once more 5 years later and everything would be different in my world. 649 more words


Tick Tock

I hear all the cliche’s: “Time heals all wounds,” “Things will be better in time,”  It will be easier as time passes.”  They’re all bullshit.  I have been wishing time away at this point.  375 more words

The View Inside

My house has many rooms.  I sit in different ones sometimes and look out the windows, but my eyes don’t see the trees.  Instead they flit around anxiously looking for you.  465 more words

all the wrong feels

sometimes participating in life is hard. it is so much easier to just sit and watch, melting into the background. there’s no pressure to pretend like i am happy, no stress about what to say next. 362 more words


I am not one to be all bloggy, but I am hoping it will be a form of therapy to help me heal.  I have found that reading about others who share this journey has helped me tremendously, so I am hoping to pay it forward.   221 more words

The Dishonesty

When faced with the standard question, “How are you and the kids doing?” I no longer give the answer I want. I habitually say things like, “We are doing ok, I guess,” or , “Taking it day by day,” or, “Some days are better than others.”  I say these things because it seems to satisfy the questioner and gives them the opportunity to not ask further because I know sometimes they don’t really want to delve into the depths of how we are REALLY doing.  241 more words

A Crying Shame

The unfair question that makes me squirm: “Oh my, how did he die?”  When I tell people that my husband passed away, this question immediately follows.  352 more words