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Whatever happened to Tinder Girl #5? A cult. That's what.

For a change,  I’ve actually been going out and attempting to enact my fantasies of finding my next true love instead of writing about it in bed with my vibrator.  642 more words


With This Ring.... Hidden In My Back Pocket

At 19 our engagement ring adorned my hand.  At 21 my wedding ring was added.  For 18 and a half years I have worn a ring on my ring finger and have never imagined I would want to hide it.  347 more words


The Ins and Outs of Being A Young Widow

I thought I would be more specific in the things that I have experienced and learned in my life as a young widow. I tried to include the main logistics of things that needed to be done after his death too. 2,423 more words

Young Widow

What's going on inside my widow brain?

I woke up this morning on a friend’s air mattress in the spare room of her suburban Seattle home. It’s your classic Seattle weather – gloomy, rainy, and chilly. 1,453 more words


Two Years.... Forever and One Second

I’ve struggled with this piece.  It’s been on my mind for over two weeks now and I haven’t been able to sit and write it because doing so means that I really have to acknowledge it…… we’ve past the 2 year mark. 1,216 more words


I'm Coming Out

I’ve been writing forever.  I remember deciding in 5th grade that it was my favorite thing EVER.  Somehow, words that can’t make it to my vocal chords are able to appear on paper (well, these days, posts and blogs).   268 more words

Here In The Blender

Who am I? Lies I told in Vegas to Man #1

Vegas Man #1 was called Terrence. His name was probably written some naff way with unnecessary punctuation like #T’eyranse.  You know, like Will.i.am.  He came up to me and Mr Man Bun while we perched by the Luxor casino bar and told me I was gorgeous and had great hair.  721 more words