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Why I didn't participate in International Widow's Day

Today was International Widows Day and I chose not a participate.  For starters, I was supposed to take a selfie at 7pm and at 7pm, I am chasing my daughter around the house trying to get her ready for bed.   443 more words

The First Year

I Am A Widow

I am a widow.

In 30 seconds my life was shattered.

A trap door opened from under me.

I fell into what seemed like an bottomless abyss of darkness until finally my being was dashed on the rocks below. 535 more words

Announcing our giveaway winner

I put all the entries into my super sophisticated, high tech random number generator…

And the winner is….

Autumn Molnar says:

June 22, 2017 at 12:11 pm… 70 more words


My Kimmy Gibbler

Yesterday Facebook let me know that Kimmy Gibbler and I became friends 8 years ago.

We actually became friends earlier than that.  In September 2008.  Bryon and I had been dating for 6 weeks.   894 more words


10 Months

I found this picture of us from our last cruise one month before you got sick.  It was still in the plastic wrapper.  It is likely the last picture taken of our family.   306 more words

The First Year

I am not marrying a Texas rancher.

Members of my Albany family often get together for dinner.  Witty banter is exchanged, like a real family.  My daughter fights with my best friend’s son as if they are siblings.   958 more words

The First Year

My first giveaway!

Happy Monday!

A month or two ago when Sheryl Sandberg’s book Option B came out, I bought a second copy with the intention of giving it away to a reader.   177 more words