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Gaining Weight

As of late, I feel so much has been put on me. I’m as fragile as an egg-shell nowadays. I sit in my car on my way to work crying, and when I’m home, I sit in my car just because I feel it blocks out the world for moments at a time. 263 more words

Dreams I Could Do Without

It’s been a while between posts.  I’ve been meaning to put something up about the recent trip the girls and I took because it went along way in healing my soul.  579 more words


Revisiting the grief

Once in awhile I wonder what was the purpose of writing this blog. I did it because George and I loved blogging together, we had two food blogs, so I felt it was a way for me to continue a connection with him. 198 more words

Fourth Christmas

The Florida sky is black with tiny little white flickering stars smiling down. It’s hard being away for Christmas, especially when it’s not the frozen snow draped New England I know and love. 432 more words

Return of the numbness

This afternoon I arrived to the gulf coast side of Florida to see my 90 year old grandmother. She isn’t doing well, and she’s in the midst of congestive heart failure. 141 more words

Away for Christmas, again

I have this tendency to be away from Connecticut around Christmas. The first year after George passed away I was in California, and the uncertainty and inability to control my emotions haunts me. 377 more words

This Christmas

I still can’t believe that I’ll be spending this Christmas without you. I have pushed this thought at the farthest and darkest corner of my mind for as long as I can, but as Christmas draws near, I find it harder and harder to postpone not thinking about it. 548 more words