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it's all in the details 

In the first few weeks after Kyle’s passing, I would ask myself (or God, or just whoever was standing the closest to me at the moment) all the “big” questions. 802 more words

Young Widow

Trying to make sense of it all

I have been trying to understand what is happening to me since I have been widowed. When my grandparents died, I have experienced grief, and it took a while to shake off the sadness that came with it. 849 more words

Together Apart, Gone Forever

A Weary Soul

I was looking at this pic today and thought, ” What was going through Shane’s head?” I know he was exhausted and warn out, but was he praising God in the midst of his terminal sickness? 1,081 more words


December 1st

December 1.  Today I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me…again.  I don’t know what it was about today, but everywhere I turned I had little reminders of Kyle all day long.  527 more words

Young Widow

3 years widowed

The three year mark came and went on November 25th. It was a weird lead up to it. I felt the anxiety, I leaned into it, cried, then it just went away. 317 more words

Of Saturday mornings and burnt pancakes

I have been waking up on Saturdays around the same time my husband died that fateful Saturday morning.

It is the first thing that enters my mind upon waking up. 340 more words

Together Apart, Gone Forever

Inside the mind of a "new" widow

Unless one has experienced it first hand, one can never understand the range and depth of emotions involved in the loss of a spouse by death. 594 more words

Together Apart, Gone Forever