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Grief and the holidays

It’s been slow around here.  I have been catching up after a bout of bronchitis.  But I did film another video today.  In this video, I discuss grief and the holidays.


Discovering Your Inner Widow Warrior

A common phrase in the widow community we hear is “I can’t imagine,” or “you’re so strong.” But when the day is over, and you’re laying in bed gazing up at the ceiling with tears rolling down your cheeks, how can you possibly feel strong? 475 more words

On living and dying

I received some very sad news this morning.  A friend of mine back home had been battling Stage IV cancer for a couple of years now and there isn’t anymore that can be done.   234 more words


A Different Kind of Goodbye

Saying Goodbye To You

Saying goodbye to Ben when he died was like saying goodbye to him as a person. For the first few years I had to say goodbye to all that he was to me. 803 more words

Young Widow

They say you are supposed to do things that scare you...

They say you are supposed to do things that scare you…


My intuition has been telling me try making a YouTube video. This is my first attempt. 19 more words


Don't know where I am going

I have no idea where I am going.

I am still trying to figure out the person I want to reinvent myself to be.

I have no idea what the future entails. 952 more words


Watching my sis accomplish the hardest physical day of her life!

My sis signed up for the spartian run about 5 months back and yesterday was competition day. I was so freaking proud of her! she saw her friends around the end of the race and it gave her the boost she needed to get through the last bit with an umph of power. 593 more words

Young Widow