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What I Learned From the General Women's Session

I hope all of you got to tune in to the General Women’s Session of conference on Saturday night! If you missed it, PLEASE take an hour and a half to watch it… 185 more words

Young Women

#Stage4Lifer: A Plane No One Wants to Board

Hear My Voice Volunteer Kristi Stone, on being her own healthcare advocate, educating others and enjoying life to the fullest. Join the #Stage4Lifer campaign with Kristi! 451 more words

Breast Cancer

Stage4Lifer: Menopause and MBC at Age 40 – The Journey I Didn’t Choose

Young people can be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. For Stage4Lifer, Dionna Koval writes about learning she had metastasis to her bones at age 42. 933 more words

Breast Cancer

The Progress in Removing Rape Verse from YW Program May Not be only Personal, but Institutional

The “revelation of the week” is that Moroni 9:9 has been removed from the Young Women’s Personal Progress program, which offered the verse to Mormon teenage girls as a supporting scripture in the section, “Virtue.” Of course, this is significant because  828 more words

LDS Feminism

#Stage4Lifer: “I Am Not What Happened to Me”

Stage IV, or metastatic, breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body. For #Stage4Lifer, Hear My Voice Volunteer April Hines reflects on her diagnosis with the disease and how it’s changed her life. 888 more words

Breast Cancer

My Body, My Rights

Amnesty International has launched a campaign to help protect the rights all people have to their bodies. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to human rights violations regarding their sexual and reproductive health. 555 more words

Sexual Health

A tricky week

On Monday 19th September, I was back on the chemo ward for part two of cycle four. I went through all the regular checks, and this week my veins were well behaved for my wonderful nurse! 1,435 more words