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Happy Sweet 16!!!!

In Honor of my eldest child, We did a sweet 16 session for her 16th birthday! We had a great time today and its amazing I have had the pleasure of watching her grow into the amazing young woman she is today! 13 more words

Photo Session

A new YW lesson on shaming/bullying

How do I stand up to shaming/bullying?

Shame is one of the most powerful emotions we learn as children. We pretty much all can remember times when we were embarrassed by something we did or said and another or others made fun of us. 852 more words

Young Women

The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing: If Sex and the City Was Literary Fiction

Melissa Banks’ A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing is a novel about a young woman figuring out what she does and does not value about herself, and about her self-in-relationships. 414 more words


Embark Service Journal

A few months ago I helped my local young women’s group put together a service journal based on the LDS youth theme for 2015 “Embark”. I’ve been meaning to post a generic pdf here in case anyone else finds it useful. 141 more words

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What makes a Dangerous Damsel?

A dangerous woman is hard to find.

I’m not speaking about the crazy, key-a-car, social-media-stalking kind of dangerous. Those ladies are a dime a dozen. 308 more words


Help a sister

And then there those of us that spent half our lives caring so much about other people^s lives and getting consumed by jealousy and then when people start to isolate themselves from you, you will feel bad. 7 more words