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A closer look at DD Dupree Cosmetics

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It All Started With The Color Green

Every story has a beginning and mine began with the color green…a green trefoil that is. When I was 5 just like many other little girls my mom enrolled me in Girl Scouts. 1,126 more words


New In: Beauty Product Haul

It has been a little minute since I’ve shuffled through the aisles of Sephora. While shopping for a birthday present I decided to take a gander in the store, and I came out a happy woman. 340 more words

Tiff And Coco

How To Change Your Perspective

We’re all guilty of it. You’re just scrolling through Instagram late at night and, all of the sudden, you’re bombarded by beautiful people. You get this piercing stab in your stomach as you start to compare every aspect of their life to yours. 678 more words

Tiff And Coco

living and active

I don’t know if this is the same for many Christians, but sometimes it’s so easy to be like “Okay I have about 7.5 minutes, gonna read my devotional, say a prayer, stuff a bowl of granola into my face, and then be on my way for the day.” And I’ll just skim a passage, barely letting it sink into my spirit, and convince myself that it’s enough.  519 more words


when I'm a mess...

I’m a mess right now. Seriously. But there is one thing that I know for sure: that regardless if I believe it for myself, regardless if I cling to it as absolute truth for every situation in my life, regardless if I even open my Bible, the word of God does not change. 153 more words