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“I find myself visiting her more and more frequently. She provides me with peace of mind knowing that my future is taken care of.”

One of Lanashi’s frequent clients…

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Is he the one?

Welcome back! Since I published my first post I’ve gained so much positive feedback and I couldn’t be happier with this decision to start blogging. I’m diving straight into the topic of love/heartbreak and boys today, a topic which honestly should be talked about more. 791 more words

Gan Rang

Too Young For Chruch?

Recently, someone (who doesn’t go to my church and I don’t know well) asked me what my thoughts were concerning the roles of “youth and children” in churches. 638 more words

Conny, Che, Calinda, Cassie, Cara, Carlo, Chaly, Caya, Ciana, Carlota: pack of starving puppies


Names: Conny, Che, Calinda, Cassie, Cara, Carlo, Chaly, Caya, Ciana, Carlota

Gender: 2M and 8F

Age: d-o-b: 1 June 2018

Size: medium and big… 333 more words



Rant of a younger generation.

“I could kill all of you with milk and peanut butter!” – people, especially in their 40s tend to laugh at allergies and other issues and say that young people are weak. 258 more words

Back to square one, and beyond.


That’s how it seems. Everything seems to be going like clockwork.

The past few days have been tumultuous and painful. And everything I’ve worked so hard for, seems to be crashing down. 154 more words


David's Dilemma

“What are you doing here?” he demanded, his expression tense as he approached her.

Kylie lowered her eyes so that he couldn’t see that she was hurt.  497 more words