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Goat soap challenge days 5-30

So other then a serious lack of blogging I tried the goat soap for30 days and unfortunately for MY skin out didn’t have the magic i was looking for. 103 more words


Easy girls are the most innocent. Looking for love in places where love is lacking, they give all they think they have, hoping to be given back all they think they need. 73 more words


We were laying in his bed. I’m going to call him J. Remember, these are college beds, so they are twins. I’m pretty slender, 5’9, 115 pounds. 801 more words


Everyone tells you that life flies by. It is too bad that we never seem to realize that until the big moments are gone. But in our youth, that doesn’t seem to matter, because there is always another big moment. 379 more words


Today was

Sort of brighter. My roommate has this cat that does not like to be held. She is really sweet though. She won’t hiss or scratch. She won’t let you hold her for more than a few seconds though. 22 more words


tale as old as time

My grandmother and her cousin (along with my mom) visited me this past weekend. It’s Monday now, and allĀ I’m really left with is this vague impression that they were here and then they left (well, that and a fridge stocked with food). 760 more words