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The Book "Why Is America So Sick?" By Dr. Joanne Conaway Just Might Help YOU!

It sure helped me!

When I Read “Why Is America So Sick?” By Dr. Joanne Conaway… I thought, “Wow, this book is absolutely FANTASTIC!”

The main message in this awesome book is that we as human beings have many health troubles and challenges that can most likely be avoided with better eating habits, better nutrition, better supplementation, and by avoiding some foods that are very toxic or unhealthy. 402 more words


Let's Spread The Word! Who Wants To Feel Better?

Spread the word? Yes! Word-Of-Mouth Advertising is the very best advertising that exists! That’s why some big companies have chosen to sell their products through an army of distributors, rather than just have the products sit on the shelves in stores. 241 more words


Dr. Joanne Conaway "Why Is America So Sick?" Will Be One Of YOUR Upline Support People When YOU Get Involved With Youngevity With Me As Your Sponsor!

Whether or not you are aware of this fact … word-of-mouth advertising has been around for ages, and it’s the very best type of advertising on the planet! 627 more words


The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

This week has been like no other. The best way I can describe it is that suddenly black has turned into white, darkness into light and pain into pleasure. 1,544 more words


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Here is Brilliant Advice from Someone Who "Knows" that the Body Can Heal Itself! Just give the body a fighting chance; good eating habits, drink plenty of water, get proper exercise and sufficient sleep, and of course be sure to take The 90 Essential Nutrients!

How To Have A Virtual Doctor Visit From Home, Without Leaving Home?

You just might Not Have to Leave Home for that Next Doctor’s Visit! You might have a virtual doctor’s visit, because of an exciting, emerging new trend… 380 more words


How Can You Make Money From Home With Your Own Free Website? You Ask?

You’ve been wondering…

How Can You Make Money from Home with Your Own Free Website?

We’ll outline the very simple steps for you! These days it’s much easier than you might think, to actually make money from home! 1,432 more words