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Number 60

“Write about someone you remember write vividly, but whom you’re sure doesn’t remember you.”

One Christmas my mom brother and I went to stay at my Uncle and Aunties. 102 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 58

“You have one month to raise $5,000 in cash without your family knowing. How do you go about it?”

First off I would sell EVERYTHING that I own for cash. 44 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 57

“What’s something people do that you think should be outlawed?”

I feel like cops should leave every innocent person alone. Just because you are bored, low on your ‘quota’ or in a bad mood doesn’t mean you should pullover, ask for I.D or just bug someone you ‘claim’ to be suspicious.

Happily Estranged

Number 56

“You’re compelled by law to get a work or image tattooed on the palm of your hand. What do you choose?”

I have to say that I would get the word “priceless” because I am worth so much more than an amount of money or things to anyone in this world. 17 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 55

“What law do you think should be repealed?”

This is a touchy subject for me. I find it hard to deal with authority. In pretty much all aspects of my life. 153 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 54

“What thing do you still think of as ‘for grown-ups’ and not for you- even though you are a grown-up now?”

I don’t think I ever thought of much as being for ‘grown-ups’ other than having babies, getting engaged and married. 145 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 53

“What color clothes do you wear most often? What that color means for you, and why it shows up so often in your wardrobe.”

Right in this moment I wear a lot of black, to me this color is camouflage! 44 more words

Happily Estranged