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And so it begins..

Deep in the night my writing comes alive, keeping me sane and satisfied. A young, 20 something year old single mom of one. Kicking through life (kung-fu style), hoping you enjoy this journey with me through my garden of different pieces, pictures and videos, your souls midnight snack.


Getting to know me

hi! You can call me Dha (Pronounced as “DA” not “DA-HA”). When I was 17, I got pregnant and together with that my mom and dad seperated ways. 169 more words


Q & A.

Once again, my name is Karina! I will be turning 23 this November and my son, Jaylen, will be turning two in September. No, I’m not scared of the terrible two myth because he’s been a little demon since he turned one. 251 more words


Hello World... again?

When I first started this blog back in 2013, I was pregnant with my first child, in an unhealthy relationship, in the middle of switching universities three years into my (what was suppose to be four year) college career, … 121 more words


You Made Me a Mother

I had been in the dark for so many years.

And then I met you.

First as a seed in my belly, I watched and felt you grow and blossom into my beautiful little girl. 241 more words


Who Do I LOVE..

Hey everyone, so this is my first bog and do i have a lot to write or what! I will be changing all the names in my Blogs. 968 more words


One of those days

Im trying to get back to myself. Sit down. Get back to my breath..and let go. Today has been one of those days... The ones where things break and shake then are kind of just shoved away. 303 more words