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My Days

I love having my days filled with his little feet running across the floor. This is his favorite spot lately my munchkin loves watching the cars drive by and mimicking the sounds. 30 more words


Blissful blogger

“Millie why did you start blogging?”I could make a long ass list on reason I started blogging but Ill just tell y’all my to 3 reasons why I started blogging. 157 more words


The Struggle...

The struggle of being 6 months pregnant, as summer approaches, while trying to dress appropriately but still “cute”. Everything makes me look like the house I am lbs… (laughing but serious) I could literally complain aaall day but I try to not be so negative.. 28 more words

Momming in Your Young Twenties

Goodmorning loves! After playing and bouncing, Kayson is down for the count taking his morning nap. I schemed up another blog idea with the help of some feedback from readers, so while the bebe is snoozing and my coffee is brewing, I figured it’s a perfect time to┬átype away. 978 more words

Why it's important to have "me" time.

We all need it! I dont care if your single, been married for years, have kids or dont have kids, we all need time alone. We need time to decompress, time to relax and enjoy the little things we love doing that get over looked because of grocery list, work deadlines, ect… Now you dont need to Set aside hours to have me time( unless you want to). 35 more words


Meet Bailey

Hey loveys!!!!

I want y’all to officially meet our little Bailey!

She is a miniature poodle and was born January 10th. She was very shy at first but she has flourished into the sweetest and most energetic puppy I know. 101 more words


JustFab Shoes!

I come bearing gifts! I saw a sale that I could not pass up for the life of me. I’m pretty sure y’all have heard of JustFab so I won’t go into details, but if you don’t you can check out their website and it explains it there. 461 more words