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Time to find myself! Day One.

Hey guys so I guess I should add a quick intro. I don’t feel comfortable adding my name to my blog just yet but as for the basics, I am a 20 years old single mother to a 5 month old baby girl. 256 more words


My Style of Cooking

Before I being to post my favorite recipes I felt that I should put a few disclaimers out there for you all:

  1. I am by…
  2. 215 more words
Healthy Eating

The name game.

Can I just say that naming a human is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in life? Jaylen was easier to name than Julian because his father pretty much took over. 501 more words


Breastfeeding in a world full of haters.

Okay, so what the h*** is up with all the do’s and dont’s about breastfeeding? I feel like everyday I see someone in social media criticizing women about sharing their breastfeeding moments and/or beliefs . 465 more words

Cloth Routine (types, cloth wipes, washing, travel, etc )

If you’re considering cloth diapering but haven’t taken the plunge yet…do it. Seriously, i regret not doing it from birth. As i have said in my previous blog we did switch from disposable to cloth. 594 more words



Autumn has always been my favorite season. As the air becomes crisp and frosty the green of summer changes. Its like spring again each tree bursts with beauty and color as it does after the bitter winter touches it and the flowers replace the snow. 244 more words


Updates.. and more.

Why can’t every pregnancy be the same? It’s easy to connect with other preggo females when it comes to birth months and baby’s genderĀ groups, but then we lose the connection when we start talking about our symptoms. 467 more words