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JustFab Shoes!

Hey Loveys!

I come bearing gifts! I saw a sale that I could not pass up for the life of me. I’m pretty sure y’all have heard of JustFab so I won’t go into details, but if you don’t you can check out their website and it explains it there. 461 more words

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Under Construction

I’ve done a lot of thinking and after much consideration, I am revamping this blog. At first I thought about deleting this one and creating a new blog but that would be like giving up on this blog and I don’t want to do that. 151 more words

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The Importance of Influence

In today’s society it can be difficult to try and raise children in a Christian home. Temptation and sin is around every corner we turn. We cannot hide our children from it. 354 more words

The day I found out about the life growing in my tummy

The day I found out I was pregnant was probably the most beautiful, stressful, happy and confused day of my life. As someone who struggled with irregular periods, I never worried when my flow was late, it was normal for me to be a few days, a week or even a month late. 474 more words

The Birth

41 weeks pregnant, I waddled around everywhere. I had tried everything I had read online that could induce labor, everything! Eating lots of pineapple, walking up & down the 4 flights of stairs in our townhouse, eating spicy foods, and just about every other thing you could think of. 1,688 more words

The 6th Week Surprise.

They say you just know when you know.

No way, no way I’m looking down at two solid lines.

The two lines that would bring any 20-year-old girl to her knees. 647 more words