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Just a small town girl from New England whose life got spontaneously whisked out to Southern California at the age of 19, after marrying her now husband. 68 more words

I Survived Black Friday!!!

Brief Update:

I’m currently working part-time at Bath and Bodyworks, for the holidays. I absolutely love it. Great place to work, fun environment. Also a very dangerous place for me to work! 295 more words


Being A Young Mom

We are now in the generation where they say kids are raising kids. And I am writing this on my blog to share to you my own perspective on the stigma of young moms today. 280 more words

Mom Twitter ? 


As a teen I had a twitter. I followed every celeb out there of course. I even had 1,100 followers of my own. 236 more words


Look who's one years old! 

Today, My little man made one years old. Seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little newborn. Now he’s running around and getting into EVERYTHING! 75 more words


Number 63

“What are/were your tricks for impressing a crush? Lay out your arsenal.”

Honestly I like to act like I don’t care. It works. Try it sometime. He’s now my Hubby

Happily Estranged

Number 62

“Are you getting better or worse? Evidence?”

I am getting 100% better! I now have a home of my own, and can afford to pay all my bills. 41 more words

Happily Estranged