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I think this time would be an ideal time to tell you about my childhood, my family, and now my own little family! I was born in Dunnville Ontario, home of the ever-famous catfish (whose name is Muddy, if that’s relevant)! 329 more words


Deep Breaths

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! You may be wondering why the title of this post is called ‘Deep Breaths’. The reason behind this is because I’m very nervous. 303 more words


23 and pregnant...

By Young Mama: Devon Rae

I am so excited about this blog and its potential for giving young mamas a place of community to share their love, experiences, and even tribulations.I hope that along with helpful advice there will also be a sharing of real stories from real moms about their experiences.   2,279 more words


New mom advice 👶

Okay so first baby related blog will be me asking you for your opinion.
My baby is 8 weeks old since yesterday and is still sleeping roughly 19 hours a day is this normal?? 91 more words


My worst nightmare 😣

Dress shopping who doesn’t love it right?? Not me well not since I’m ten ton tess not having lost an inch of baby weight.👎
I’ve been looking for suitable dresses for the last 5-6 weeks for my cousins wedding which is next weekend and I’m still dress-less!!!! 194 more words


Goodbye dry skin 👋

My first review will be for those of you who struggle to find a gentle cleanser which moisturises as it cleans and prevents breakouts. I myself have psoriasis and eczema and I know how hard it is to keep it at bay, this milk cleanser by La Roche-Posay not only smells divine but works like magic too! 195 more words


Hello world!

Hello all (which is more than likely 2 or 3 people who accidently clicked into my blog, if you continue to read thank you!!)

I have recently been on the lookout for a health, beauty and baby related blog as I myself am a new young mother and I haven’t found any so I took a mad notion to set up my own blog with the hopes of it being somewhat successful. 110 more words