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The Truth Pt 2

This is the second time I write and post this particular blog. Thank God the first one didn’t get views which sort of validates my feelings towards that post. 694 more words


The 20 Mom: henlo 


My name is Adriana and I am a young married mom here to express the ups and downs of being an early mother in today’s world. 435 more words


Just good parenting?

My eldest boy who will be turning 11 this November has had a mobile device in his possession for a couple of years now as I wanted him to easily communicate with me, his dad or the authorities in case of an emergency and also to gain access to the internet for its educational value. 311 more words


Growth Part III

Hey Mommas ,

Today I felt like I needed to have another talk with you guys. Partially because I have some shit to get off my chest but more so because I know that you guys can relate to these issues. 992 more words


Introducing ME.

I became a single mom earlier than most, no one gave me a chance to explain my story and now this is me opening up. Every blog post will be a piece of the story of how it all began, every moment that no one let me speak or heard me or even believed me.  7 more words

Things I was not prepared for...

Before all the real fun begins, there is something called the “fourth trimester” this is the time before babies can hold their own heads up and start to giggle. 206 more words

To be a mother

You will have to take your kids shit . Literally. There’s so much of it everywhere! You’ll be changing her diaper and as you transition from dirty diaper to clean her face will turn red and she’ll explode all over the clean diaper. 55 more words