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Lazy Parenting: Why I Am All For It and Why I Threw Out the How-to Books

When you hear the word ‘lazy’, good thoughts don’t necessarily come to mind. I stumbled across a blog a couple years ago, and I read an article about “Lazy Parenting”. 943 more words


My Teen Pregnancy: The Truth

Hey everyone!

I just decided that since my page is mainly focused on my son I would share my story about him and how he has changed my life. 704 more words

Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but I've had a good life all the way.

So here it is. My very first blog post on this newest blog of mine for 2018. Every year I like to start a new blog, fill it up with all sorts of words, thoughts, photos and memories to look back on, and occasional videos, but never have I ever shared one publicly. 890 more words


Welcome To Our Story...

Hey everyone! My purpose for this blog is to share my life as a young mom with the many obstacles, yet greatest blessings that come along with my bundle of joy; Aubriella Grace. 523 more words


A Long Time A'comin

For years, I have wanted to start a blog. I’ve messed around a bit with Tumblr, but never really found a fit. My worries of making a blog no one would ever read trumped my desires.But does it really matter if people read this? 577 more words



I just wanted to start this blog off by telling you a little bit about myself, my journey and why I am blogging it.

My name is Mckenzie. 248 more words


Not Another Statistic

My precious, wild, loud, sweet and innocent Easton made me a mama at the age 19. While my Husband and I joke that I almost beat teen pregnancy I can’t express how serious this topic is. 886 more words