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Number 5

Write about the natural disaster experience you had, never had, and/or wish you’d had.

NEVER HAD: Tornado

So back in 1987, (I wasn’t even thought of yet) there was a tornado that ripped through the east part of Edmonton. 223 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 4

What is the biggest position of power you have ever held? How did it change you?

Position of power: Management @ Teavanna

This was only recently, about 3 years ago to be exact. 287 more words

Happily Estranged

Number 3

Picture a photo from your childhood, one you know well. Narrate the scene around tha taking of that photo, to the best of your memory. 365 more words

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Number 2

The dish your mom always cooked that you wished she wouldn’t. What did it look like, taste like?

Brown sauce, noodles with crumbles of brown meat. 181 more words

Happily Estranged

Kamis 1st Birthday: Cake Smash Outfit

I got one of her outfits yesterday! I must say that im a bit anxious to have it so early because what if it gets dirty or something, but fingers crossed that it doesn’t. 266 more words


Number 1

Write a letter to the teacher (or coach) who made a difference in your life, asking him or her for help. What are you asking for? 260 more words

Happily Estranged

642 Things to write about ME

So here it is. This is my contribution to my Happily Estranged Brand. By the time I am finished writing 642 different things about myself, I am a well established entrepreneur living my life free of a… 136 more words

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