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A Trip To The Mall

The first thing I thought about when we arrived at this really nice outdoor mall was that I should take the kids here one day, by myself. 440 more words

Hello There👋

Although I’m new at this whole blogging stuff, I am very excited to share my adventure on being a young mother of two little boys and one on the way. 114 more words


Who am I?


My name is Kierra Calhoun. A young, African American woman. As you can probably infer by the blog’s title, I am indeed what some may refer to as a “baby mama.” That’s right. 402 more words

Being a mom at 22

I became a mom on November 6th 2016 at 6:22pm. Although this was the best day of my life it also changed my life forever. I was 22 when she was born. 464 more words


Mother’s Day

It’s Monday and I’m at work on break just thinking about this past weekends activities and thinking about the mess I have to clean up when I get home and dreading the fact I have to go to the gym later. 1,165 more words


What My Life Has Been Like Lately...

Love, I’ve felt this emotion the most.

Anxious, this feeling is second (which annoys me).

Excited, must be third.

Exhausted and frustrated (at times), are tied. 884 more words

why is life such a struggle?


I would like to welcome everyone to my Dailey struggles as a youngish stay at home mother and wife! You might be thinking “what the heck this girl cant spell who would wanna read something from some one who cant spell daily” Well your wrong even though I am not the best at grammer and spelling. 232 more words