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Suffolk County's Reilly & Simonetti defraud the court and violate federal stays

A clear display showcased in the documentation herein that neither Simonetti nor Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice David T Reilly can tell the same story regarding one October 19, 2015 court date. 103 more words

Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice David T Reilly  fraud upon the court / concealment of bias hate crime

Once again before Suffolk County Justice David T Reilly this morning presented with clear and concise evidence of falsified documentation by Long Island attorney Lou Simonetti and further evidence of a bias driven hate crime against both parties by the evengelical Church, Justice Reilly continues to ignore both evidence of fraud upon the court and such by just hate crimes for which just one week ago was presented with nearly a 300 page order to show clause with at least six concrete instances of fraud upon the court, docket tampering and continues to conceal such acts which give rise to federal racketeering in what is and appears to be of sorts a mortgage foreclosure scam as reported to the FBI, US Department of Justice and Suffolk County District Attorneys Office. 22 more words

Setting things right... 

After more than two years of struggling, enduring emotional pain trying to find and make sense of things while those around me that were suppose to care and love me let me suffer in pain and anguish while they remained silent, place and directed blame toward a blameless individual and sought to end a marriage of two people who chose to love one another. 174 more words

Suffolk County Justice David T Reilly & Court Clerk Court Record Tampering More Ways Than One

In a clear and documented instance on April 10, 2015, Suffolk County Justice David T Reilly and Court Clerk caught red handed tampering with court records falsely making alterations to court records which at present are unfolding to have contributed to a federal racketeering mortgage foreclosure scam conspired and engaged in collusion with Long Island attorney Louis F Simonetti… 92 more words

Suffolk County's Reilly and Simonetti Conspire and Wage Fraud Upon the Court

Not only do these two Long Island court officers bring unlawful applications w/o proper notice before the court in obvious violation of several rules of New York State Civil Procedure Law & Rules and Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge, by neither can accurately recount for the record such course of events for which are unfolding to give rise to acts contributing to federal racketeering, and a mortgage foreclosure scam

Long Island's Simonetti turns Simo'nut'tie falsifying documents and lying to Supreme Court Justices

In yet another clear display of fraud by officers of the court, labeled “Long Island’s Best Divorce Attorney” by Bethlage Federal Credit Union, Long Island Attorney Louis F Simonetti, throws other colleagues under the bus using their name and forging their signatures; Herein one example where this Long Island attorney has gone around Falsyfing documents and lying to Supreme Court Justices in what is emerging as a biased hate crime in furtherance of federal racketeering and mortgage foreclosure scams. 128 more words

Judicial Misconduct & Fraud Upon the Court - 1st Instance David T Reilly 

How many orders and references (containing judicial misstatements) to the same motion / application for recusal can a Judge issue without it being clearly unlawful??