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Dayan Ha'emet דיין האמת

Faith is often the foundation and source of our inner strength; something that i believe that is inate in all of us and is the focal point most often where one often goes when searching to find a sense of self. 639 more words

The White Cross

Down on the Thames is the White Cross pub, between Richmond and Twickenham bridges. You walk down a little cobbled side street from the main road to get there, because all the best pubs in Richmond are down side streets. 357 more words


Youngs' Special London Ale (ENG)

OK, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I took this photo on 10th June. It was the day before I visited Brisbane with a bunch of friends and rivals, fellow Poms and Aussies to see the first test against the Wallabies. 188 more words


Identity Fraud of a Federal Kind

In the continuing saga of having my identity and name popping up all over the place in what is nothing short of a conspiracy and coverup by disingenerous public officials concealing such acts as mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, banking and check frauds now comes in a parent filing in federal court claiming in appeal on the bankruptcy which US really did not file an appeal on a discharge but on a hearing on the authorization to be disingenuous attorney by the name of Lawrence Morrison a conjecture and scam set up by someone I used to call my husband, the same individual that in fact was arrested on May 6, 2015 for acts of identity theft, petty larceny, criminal contempt, unlawful possession of stolen property and for whose case apparently was sealed after three criminal court appearances is now over to the internal affairs Bureau for the NYPD after reviews have been taken by special investigators to the office of the inspector general for the NYPD. 109 more words

It Must Be Exhausting....

It must be exhausting I imagine to go through life putting on a front, being one person part of the day and then being another the rest, and the truth being you’re nowhere close to being the persom people think you are. 962 more words

Falsifying of Court Records - Kings County Supreme

A picture is worth a thousand words amd these surely speak volumes. What are screenshots from the unified court system for the state of New York and in a tort action for intentional infliction of severe emotional distress and FRAUD against the named defendants in a tort valued at an estinated $492,000 in total. 211 more words