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Pricing Reality

Prices change.

Prices of things are calculated based on a multitude of different factors. The price of milk is a simple one, it costs $x do feed a cow for a year, that cow can produce y gallons of milk, it costs $y for vets bills, insurance and housing for the cow, then of course there is the cost of the farmers time. 1,224 more words

Proof is in the pudding - the tell all affidavit

Affidavit as filed with exhibits and linked recordings to the Federal Beureau of Investigation, Suffolk County District Attorneys Office, United States Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of New York and Chief Justice Carla E Craig AND rejected for filing by the corrupt Suffolk County Justice David T Reilly… audio links confirming mortgage / bankruptcy / insurance fraud by JP morgan Chase & Co among other fraud upon the court

If actions of a sociopath don't speak volumes 

Fast forward to Valentines Day, out of 60 days to choose sending court papers having to do with a divorce for which not one paper, guess what arrived today…. 169 more words

Suffolk county's Reilly and Simonetti continue manipulation of court records

In yet more court corruption and docket tampering as outlined in the screen shots in an effort to secure a judgement of divorce through deceit and fraud (which one must do when in fact guilty of anything but telling the truth) court records are now manipulated to give the appearance of having representation by a Margaret Schaefler which clearly is not representing me but court records appear differently in what can only be an attempt at trying prevent any type of appeal to be taken against financial criminal acts as reported to the FBI by these people. 6 more words

Homey Don't Play That

So I’ve received this “so called stipulation” and I think the image says it all. Apparently 3 “additional” dockets add themselves to a “file” when in fact to my knowledge only 2 Order of Protection petitions were ever filed in Suffolk County…. 165 more words


So apparently I’m supposed to be executing some type of stipulation that I haven’t even seen or received yet multiplying like something my Valentine’s Day an absolute must I’m told, yet all I know is that it has five a bullet points, obviously no context except that I am correct in the fact that I’m still married, no other clue about anything else or anyone to care for that matter. 66 more words

First Brew - Part 2

So in my first post, I got the beer into the fermenter and I then left the fermenter bubbling away for about a week and a half in our utility room – I had a problem with the heat belt I’ve been using, its clearly developed a fault and tried to burn me! 351 more words

Beer Kit