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Younique highlighting - really !!!

I’ve always been a little sceptical about highlighter as a product, preferring just a flat, neutral complexion, its always seemed to me that your face is shape it is (and probably born with) and that no amount of trickery with colours would be able to change that. 730 more words


Why I became a Younique Presenter

This week has been a hard week. Following the homesickness of last week I was faced with a deep drop in confidence over the past few days. 559 more words


Younique Pressed Powder is back!

Younique’s products are so insanely awesome and popular that they often run out of stock, the company cannot keep up with the demand of their products! 224 more words

Spanks for Your Face

Hello again lovelies!

Younique came out with a new product this month! The Sculpting Trio! I was never one to contour until I joined… 108 more words


10 Things You Know If You're Dating a Younique Presenter

1. Younique. Younique everywhere. 2. If they’ve looked up from their phone it means they’re out of tea

188 more words


Younique Foundations For Your Skin Type


This was one of the first things that sold me on Younique. Yes, even before the lashes! 551 more words


An Open Letter to Netmums about all the MLM recruiting on their site

Dear Netmums,

Thank you for providing a space for mums and especially new mums to share and support each other.   We think what you are doing is great. 518 more words

Losing People To An MLM