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My Brain On Drugs

The most interesting part of my FitBit experience has been seeing how little I actually sleep- Which is so not the point of The Bit, but super fascinating none the less. 80 more words

Word Vomit

Requiem for an Idiot

This week we had a couple of inches of ice and snow. If you’ve lived below the Mason Dixon line, you know it doesn’t take much of the white stuff to paralyze our infrastructure. 263 more words


Crack is Wack: Funniest Say No To Drugs Video

     Before everyone was living Young, Wild, & Free, YOLO-ing, & consuming as much alcohol & drugs as humanly possibly, society actually cared about people’s well-being.   177 more words


The Gateway Drug

Dominoes is not the gateway to my vagina.

I was having a conversation with The Special Mexican about Richard…because we’ve been playing Dominoes(via the Domino App, mind you, not even in person) every day and she compared it to Marijuana – being the gateway to other drugs. 70 more words