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Jainaba Jobarteh - Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Garden

Jainaba Jobarteh is a dedicated professional who grew up in Gambian but moved to the United States to pursue her dreams. When Jainaba Jobarteh isn’t working or doing community service, she likes to garden. 220 more words

Jainaba Jobarteh

Enhance Your Garden with Stunning Trimming

Including bordering around your garden or landscape is as essential as the yard itself. The bordering frameworks your yard much like a photo structure. A photo can be interesting as well as stunning however it requires a structure to boost its look, so it is with your garden. 625 more words

Your Garden

Do you use the garden now?

That’s the first question on the questionnaire, and even something as simple has caused some people to ask for clarification about what is meant by ‘use’. 159 more words