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Europe: Remain, the 'Great Debate' and Boris fucking Johnson. Let him take away your rights.

Vote Leave! If you prefer to have fewer rights in Europe than a Romanian, a Bulgarian or a Latvian citizen.


Boris Johnson only turned into a Eurosceptic when it became clear that the leadership of the Conservative party hinged on the possibility of a referendum vote to leave the EU. 1,948 more words

Apologies For Everything

Denver updates its "use-of-force" policy

When an officer takes the oath, often called the Oath of Honor, they bound themselves to that oath and all it contains.  Its not much different than other oaths for public offices and the military. 708 more words

Police Harassment

Why you shouldn't speak to police without a lawyer present

The video in this article goes over some important information about not talking to police and refusing to answer any questions.  Unless you are recording the conversation you should have a lawyer or other witnesses present.   415 more words

Your Rights

Bills of Rights Online

The Bill of Rights has finally been completed.  While there are still some navigational links, Supreme Court rulings regarding any amendment, and history items to be added the core framework is there. 111 more words


Man Teaches Cop and Public about Rights

This video hit my bin awhile ago.  While it may not be new news to some of you it is still very important.  This black American was doing a show for the public not causing harm to anyone.   478 more words

Police Harassment

Support the Humanity Party

While it is old news, if we don’t learn from history we are only doomed to repeat our mistakes.  In 2008 the United States government bailed out private banks to the sum of $700 billion in funds. 890 more words

United We Stand

Letter to Police & Government Officials

I am writing this letter with hopes that it will reach the people that needs to read it.  It wasn’t that long ago in history when the police and the government were respected.  728 more words

Police Brutality