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John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (Video)

A great piece on Big Pharma marketing to doctors by John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight. Big Pharma reps are heavily influencing American doctors (I predict that it is very similar in Canada) to prescribe their medication, not because the drug works but because prescribing the drug comes with a free lunch. 98 more words


DBT: 4 Myths that Block the Use of Interpersonal Skills

On a daily basis, we can encounter situations that make using effective interpersonal skill next to impossible. In DBT, Interpersonal Effectiveness teaches you these skills to help with: 376 more words

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

CAUTION! Just how safe is your workplace?

With the retail industry employing in the region of 270,000 people in Ireland, the typically low-risk sector has the potential to cause serious headaches for retailers in the area of personal injuries; in particular those associated with slips, trips and falls. 937 more words

Your Rights

Why 20-Somethings Should Care about the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature

Many of us 20-somethings prefer to turn a blind eye when it comes to local government.

“Nothing gets done in these sessions.”

“It doesn’t matter.” 579 more words


NO CONSENT – NO CONTRACT: Your Rights When Irish Water Come knocking

Source: – www.tirnasaor.com

Irish Water are a private company that operate only for profit.

Your Rights When Irish Water Come knocking

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Tech Tuesday - President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron Come Out Against Personal Encryption

It appears that President Obama thinks that the 4th Amendment and your privacy is over rated when it comes to your smart phone, and Internet connection, because they need to have access to find the bad guys. 367 more words

Tech Tuesday