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What has the ECHR ever done for us?

On the 25th April, The Guardian published a “satirical” short video starring Patrick Stewart inspired by the classic Monty Python sketch, and designed to highlight Theresa May’s plan for a British Bill of Rights. 79 more words


When you know, you know...

When you know it’s your spot and you don’t even budge.

had to mow around this little guy.


How to Protect Yourself

Sanctuary cities have traditionally provided just that–sanctuary–to immigrants despite status, unless they have been convicted of a criminal offense.

Illegal Residents:

  • Please note that ICE cannot enter your home without a warrant.
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En Caso de Redadas: ¿Qué Puedes Hacer?

Cuando La Migra Llama:

1. NO ABRAS LA PUERTA. La migra solo puede entrar a tu casa con una orden de arresto emitida por un juez de la corte criminal. 128 more words


UK to become one of the world’s foremost surveillance states

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter or Snooper’s Charter) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that has been passed by both Houses of Parliament, and the Queen signified her royal assent to the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 on 29 November 2016. 426 more words


Can I Refuse an Airport Body Scan?

Full body scans used at UK airports have been criticised by civil liberties groups for breaching privacy rights. But this has not stopped the authorities from enforcing consequences such as banning passengers from flights if they refuse a full body scan. 709 more words