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How to Protect Yourself

Sanctuary cities have traditionally provided just that–sanctuary–to immigrants despite status, unless they have been convicted of a criminal offense.

  • Illegal Residents:  Please note that ICE cannot enter your home without a warrant.
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U.S. Politics

UK to become one of the world’s foremost surveillance states

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter or Snooper’s Charter) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that has been passed by both Houses of Parliament, and the Queen signified her royal assent to the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 on 29 November 2016. 426 more words


Can I Refuse an Airport Body Scan?

Full body scans used at UK airports have been criticised by civil liberties groups for breaching privacy rights. But this has not stopped the authorities from enforcing consequences such as banning passengers from flights if they refuse a full body scan. 709 more words


Faulty Christmas present - what are my rights?

Under the Consumer Rights Act the retailer is responsible for providing goods that are of satisfactory quality, as described and fit for purpose to the person buying those goods. 596 more words


30 days - to request refund on faulty items.

The changes to the Consumer Rights Act, effective from 1st October 2015, have had several effects on the purchasing of second hand vehicles.

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Suffered a power Cut? Get compensation

You might be able to claim compensation if the electricity or gas supply to your home goes off.

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President Trump

The day after and a few thoughts about the election of Donald J Trump. So, no doubt Mr. trump won the White House hands down.  No hanging chads, no recounts, and no court involvement.   1,448 more words

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