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Fight for anothers rights! Amazing Citizen

I might start a heroes section just for this guy and then find more amazing citizens to add to it.  This guy made my day when I watched this video.  172 more words

Police Harassment

Police Threaten Man While Doing Random Door Checks

If the random door check isn’t bad enough.  The officer in this video is clearly a thug and does not belong on the police department. 233 more words

Police Harassment

Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Citizens Arrest

The Great State of Ohio, the Buckeye State.  This state is my home, where I was born and raised.  I have visited most states and a few countries in my time.  173 more words


Citizens Arrest - All States Information

Its a term most people have heard but very few exercise this right and even less know how to complete a citizens arrest.  Here is how to make a citizens arrest. 2,675 more words

Your Rights

Cops can and will lie during interview

It’s a common police tactic to lie to the person or persons being detained in order to gain evidence of a crime.  A common example of this is when the police are interviewing two or more people when they respond to a call or happen to see an event in progress.  130 more words


Recording Police? Here is how to answer them

All over the country people are starting to use their mobile devices to record police encounters.  Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy to have a camera and video recorder on your persons at all times.  518 more words

Police Harassment

Cops Cannot Search Your Cellphone Without Warrant

The case of Riley v. California went before the supreme court.  The court in a unanimous decision said that cops searching or seizing digital documents from cellphones during a stop or arrest was unconstitutional.  96 more words