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Sylvester Knits

Well, Ok, Sylvester attempts to knit, and therefore causing me to be unable to knit. I mean who can knit when something is holding tight of your yarn and making you laugh!  170 more words



The other day my daughter came up to me holding a broken lock in her hand. She had found the pieces, and thought I would like them. 56 more words



Meet Dexter, my Mom’s rescue, (one of the many she has taken in).  He is so funny!  He enjoyed the birthday celebration for my Mom yesterday.  105 more words


The Cows in the Cornfield

Before I begin, I must say that I am without my trusty camera.  I’ve sent it off to have a thorough cleaning.  Something about taking so many pictures in the barn and pasture just requires a good cleaning occasionally. 188 more words