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What's the Use of Government?

Why do governments exist? Something about securing the blessings of liberty comes to mind. Defund the government.

Municipalities that can’t provide basic services lose any justification for their existence.

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So Who Will Enforce the Law After Police Are Defunded?

I’m sure when a social worker explains the problems they are causing, the people having impromptu parties will just stop. Either that or they will shoot the social workers, after they stop laughing of course. 239 more words


Are We Getting Anything for the Money We Spend on Education?

SiGraybeard has some interesting statistics. As The Teachers Unions Fight Reopening Schools As enrollment, and test scores have stayed contstant. Employees and total cost has skyrocketed. 62 more words

Your Tax Dollars At Work

New York City Crime: More Shootings Than in All of 2019

Because we don’t need law and order. NYC has had more shootings so far this year than in all of 2019.

A 24-year-old man who walked bleeding into Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx on Saturday night has pushed the city’s total number of shootings this year to 777 — topping the 776 recorded in all of last year, NYPD data compiled by The Post reveals.

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Minneapolis Continues to Slide into Chaos

Because that is lawlessness brought on by the Left. Meltdown: Minneapolis violence nearing annual records — in July.

What happens when civic leaders stand by while mobs burn down police buildings, and a city council proposes to eliminate law enforcement to appease them?

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No Police = Lawlessness

Color me shocked. Area Where George Floyd Died Becomes ‘Police Free Zone’ Plagued By ‘Constant’ Gunfire. OK, so I’m not shocked.

The area in Minneapolis around where George Floyd died in police custody has become the site of nightly shootings and drug overdoses as police avoid the area and local officials consider how to restore order.

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