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Snoopy premiere

Today was special. The musical premiered. We had dress rehearsals yesterday in front of an audience and they were great. Seeing the kids meeting Snoopy and the gang was pretty dang lovely. 290 more words

Maria Bohm

Wild boar bonanza

The weather has been winter like this spring. I’ve worked at Ekehagen since 2011 and I don’t think I’ve ever had snow and ice on the lakes (that settles and stays) come end of april. 259 more words

Maria Bohm


We’ve moved the musical to the theatre and things are coming along in rehearsals. I’ve sent a few pics to a curious friend. “Snoopy’s dog house!” and “Look how cuddly Snoopy’s costume is!” but for the rest of you it’s gonna have to wait til it’s premiered. 98 more words

Maria Bohm

How can you get tired of Snoopy?

Good question. He’s a lovely dog, really. A little obsessed with food but aren’t they all? But if I don’t hear a word about Charlie Brown and his friends and that beagle of his for some weeks after the shows I’m not unhappy. 95 more words

Maria Bohm

In the Meme Time: Happy Birthday, Ludwig

I apologize that today’s post isn’t an actual meme.

Tomorrow is the 246th anniversary of Beethoven’s baptism. In his day, births were not recorded, but baptisms were, and they occurred as soon as possible after a baby was born, so his birthday is traditionally celebrated on November 17. 10 more words


Playlist Of The Month: Broadway Moments Of The Rosie O'Donnell Show

Whether it’s 1996 or 2016, Rosie O’Donnell is living our Broadway fangirl dreams. Last month we left Hamilton discussing how amazing it would be to be Rosie, who’s been something like 37 times and thus has seen every permutation of the cast. 1,393 more words


Your showtune for October 2 is

“Happiness” – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Music and Lyrics: Clark Gesner

Comic strip Peanuts by Charles Schulz first ran on this day in 1950 introducing the world to the good-natured but hopeless Charlie Brown and his friends, upon which this show is based.  44 more words