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getting ready

Nora and I have been busy busy getting our camping trailer ready for this weekend.  It’s our first camping trip of the year and Nora’s first ever, so we are really excited! 97 more words


What could go wrong?

Kevin and I used to marvel at the myriad methods of human transportation in Latin America.  Some of our favorites came from Guatemala, where we saw a man riding a giant milk tanker like a horse down a highway, men standing on hitches between a trailer and a cab of a semi (also on the highway), and buses that would take off with a full load of luggage on top, leading some poor guy to try to arrange and secure the luggage while the vehicle was already full speed ahead. 46 more words

Why Haven't You Drafted Your Fantasy Football Team Yet?

Look at yourself, you sorry sack of sh*t. Here we are, in the back half of June, and you haven’t even drafted your fantasy football team yet. 563 more words


You’re Doing It Wrong (But It’s Not Your Fault):  Washing Your Dog

36% of US households own, an average, 1.6 dogs.  That equates to 70 million dogs; that’s a lot of kibble.  I have been a dog owner my entire life and have had everything from strays to full breeds.  374 more words

You're Doing It Wrong

You’re Doing It Wrong (But It’s Not Your Fault):  Beach Gear Maintenance

Some of my best memories have been made at the beach.  As a kid challenging cousins to see who could swim out further into the gulf.  367 more words


You’re Doing It Wrong (But It’s Not Your Fault): Sports Gear Maintenance

If you have kids above the age of 5, odds are you have probably signed them up for an outdoor sport. Outdoor sports provide both good news and bad news, and they are the same: You are outdoors. 470 more words

You're Doing It Wrong