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Back away from the possum and come back to bed, Mrs. Magoo

Alright, I’ve got nothing against possums FIRST OFF, but I just freaked myself out and I think even my anxiety now has anxiety, basically because I need new glasses and I always wind up taking someone else to the doctor before myself, so really this could have been avoided, but, … 995 more words


Saga of the bad neighbors - Snapchat edition

This one is for Ashley, who directly requested that I make a post on this because sometimes you gotta just take things in stride and make some popcorn and try to enjoy life like all the world’s a stage and you’re just sitting in the audience hoping no one asks to see your ticket.  1,110 more words


The Plague: Volume II, now in 3-D

WARNING:  For those who are my fellow OMamas, my apologies in advance for having to read this tragedy twice.  Bless your sweet butts hearts.

I’m sure a few of you know that I recently managed to catch the annual plague that’s been going around.  794 more words


The super glue has spoken...

…Apparently, I have FIVE children, not FOUR.  How do I know?  The super glue told me so.  The magic, all-seeing, all-knowing super glue.  I had no idea before today, but, admittedly, there have been warning signs along the way.  595 more words


Geek tip: g_object_new and constructors

tl;dr Don’t put any code in your foo_label_new() function other than g_object_new(), and watch out with Vala.

From this GJS bug report I realized there’s a trap that GObject library writers can fall into, 548 more words