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#8: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hulk

Technically out of my purview, but…seriously?

Because we need another Avengers spin-off, don’t we.

My advice?  Watch Steven Moffat’s wonderful update starring James Nesbitt instead.

You're Doing It Wrong

Are You Stupid or Something?

Hello There Readers,
So, I kind of wanted to discuss one of the most difficult times in my life that happened just a mere two days ago. 1,575 more words

Lessons Learned

The More You Know

I certainly do not know it all and a recent article affirms this. We have all read my “Adulting” post (hint, hint) and we have all read my “I’m Cheap, Easy, and Cheesy” post (hint, hint, hint) so we are all aware that sometimes I may not adult well and that I wasn’t aware that one could purchase Gingerale at almost any food retailer until an embarrassing age. 217 more words


getting ready

Nora and I have been busy busy getting our camping trailer ready for this weekend.  It’s our first camping trip of the year and Nora’s first ever, so we are really excited! 97 more words


What could go wrong?

Kevin and I used to marvel at the myriad methods of human transportation in Latin America.  Some of our favorites came from Guatemala, where we saw a man riding a giant milk tanker like a horse down a highway, men standing on hitches between a trailer and a cab of a semi (also on the highway), and buses that would take off with a full load of luggage on top, leading some poor guy to try to arrange and secure the luggage while the vehicle was already full speed ahead. 46 more words

Why Haven't You Drafted Your Fantasy Football Team Yet?

Look at yourself, you sorry sack of sh*t. Here we are, in the back half of June, and you haven’t even drafted your fantasy football team yet. 563 more words