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Racist Schools and Drastic Measures

by Jendella Benson Follow @jendella

When I was fourteen I was suspended from school for two days for calling a teacher racist.

In my defence: she… 927 more words


For women who have been aggressively sold the idea that they are not enough

by Jendella Benson Follow @JENDELLA

Why did Brad and Angelina break up? Does anyone know or are we still grasping in the dark to make sense of this travesty? 971 more words


'Baby Brain' and Other Myths

by Jendella Benson  Follow @jendella

I hate the term ‘baby brain’. It feels like an inside joke amongst mothers that uttered by any other person feels patronising. 1,030 more words


Snapchat gets me.

I have a Snapchat account for precisely two reasons:

  1. To receive entertaining photos and videos from a dear friend in Japan chronicling all the weird and wonderful things she sees and does there.
  2. 374 more words
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