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Running: Are You Doing It Wrong?

There’s not a right way to load the dishwasher. You put dishes, glasses and utensils in it and they’ll mostly come out clean no matter how you cram ’em in there. 1,511 more words


Self Bagging at the Grocery Store

You know at the grocery store how you can pretend to be a check-out person? In theory, it’s a great idea. In actuality, it’s a terrible idea. 196 more words

In your neighbourhood

I’ve lived in some pretty bad areas of the city.  And some of the nicer ones too.  Living in the west end and having my house broken into and hearing someone being stabbed outside and listening to prostitutes fight and having weird dudes in cars follow me when I walked home at night probably constitutes a not-so-good neighbourhood.  966 more words

Bad News

#8: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hulk

Technically out of my purview, but…seriously?

Because we need another Avengers spin-off, don’t we.

My advice?  Watch Steven Moffat’s wonderful update starring James Nesbitt instead.

You're Doing It Wrong