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AngularJS for a multi-page website? You're Doing It Wrong!

There are some exceptions to the sweeping statement I am about to make but I am growing tired of seeing the same mistake being made when choosing a technology stack for a multi-page web application implementation… 753 more words

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Series: You're doing it wrong! (YDIW) - PILOT

For those who are familiar with Jeff Foxworthy, you’ll know his signature joke format:  If you <insert stupidity here>, you might be a redneck!  In that vein, I am starting a series of posts in the format:  If you <insert anti-pattern here>, you’re <emphasis statement> doing it wrong!   283 more words


How to watch seasonal anime

Most people in the anime community now a days seem to only watch the new anime coming out. This is a big problem in of itself, but the worst part is that they are not even doing it correctly. 318 more words


We may not be getting richer but we can learn to be financially literate

by Jendella Benson  Follow @JENDELLA

Every now and again, the Conservative party likes to tuck away its discompassionate fangs and remind us that they do “care” about people who are struggling to get by. 1,004 more words

Jendella Benson